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Recipe Name: Green Pulao  
Category: Iron Rich Recipes


Prep Time Cook Time Serves
15 mins 30 mins 6



Basmati Rice   11/2 cups
Peppercorns   4 to 6
Cinnamon   25 mm. (1") piece
Cloves   2
Green cardamoms   4
Sliced onions   1cup
Ginger-green chilli paste   1 Tbsp
Chopped spinach leaves   2 cups
Tender sweet corn   1 cup
Turmeric powder   1/4 tsp
Oil   1 tsp
Salt   To taste


  • Wash the basmati rice under running water for a couple of times to remove the starchy content. Cook the rice as you normally would. Just make sure you keep stirring them occasionally. then add the rice and water and cover it with a lid just partly open to allow the steam to escape;Stir in between and cook on medium flame or heat.
  • While the rice cooks, take another pan, add oil,jeera seeds and the bay leaves. When they start spluttering, add the green chillies and the chopped onions. Saute till they turn a light golden in colour.
  • Meanwhile, Wash the spinach leaves and blend them to make a fine puree. Thaw the corns by microwaving for 10 seconds.
  • Now add the puree to the onions and mix well. Add the salt, garam masala powder, turmeric and lemon juice. Cover with a lid and cook for 7-10 mins until it starts bubbling a little. Finally add the corn and reduce to low-flame.
    Once the rice is almost cooked,add it to the gravy mixture and mix well gently with a spatula. Taste for salt and spices and make necessary additions.Remove from flame and let the spices and spinach blend with the rice.
  • Transfer the Pulao to a serving dish. Take a firm tomato, cut it into thin wedges,garnish it with them.
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Suggested Variation
There is no suggested variation for this recipe
Nutrition Facts
Serving Size   -
Amount Per Serving
Calories 303 Cal Calories from Fat -
% Daily Value'
Total Fat  4.4g -
Saturated Fat  -
Trans Fat  -  
Cholesterol  -
Sodium  -
Total Carbohydrate  -
Dietary Fiber   -
Protein   6.3g
Vitamin A     * Vitamin C  
Calcium   * Iron   1.1 mg
*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending upon your daily needs