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    Diabetes is a Multifaceted Disease

    Diabetes affects all tissues of the body and diabetics are at a potential risk of disorders of eyes, kidney, nerves, and blood vessels.


    Angina attack is an acute chest pain and people having angina feel uncomfortable around the chest area because of condensed blood flow to heart due to thinning of the arteries of heart. Angina may also be caused due to raised requirement of blood sup

    What's wrong with the Mithai's and Sweets?

    Indian desserts and sweetmeats as sweetly called ‘Meethayees’ or 'Mithais' are our USP worldwide. The taste and richness of flavor is unique but many Nutritionist frown at it muttering “its killing!!!”. Well, how these litt

Veg Wholesome Meal

4 pieces of macaroni fritters and salted lemonade

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