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    Beauty Aids from the Kitchen Caboose

    Beauty salons offer a bewildering variety of treatments and almost every day one or the other type of skin care product is launched.

    Sprouted Green Gram Dosa

    Serves: 2   Ingredients:   1 cup sprouted green gram (whole moong) 1 inch long ginger piece 2-3 green chilies 2-3 spring of fresh coriander leaves Salt to taste Shredded carrot and cheese to garnish 1 teaspoon oil   Method:

    Rice Flour Bhakri


    Eye Stye

    Stye or sty is an infection of eyes where gland at eyelid becomes infected. A pimple/limp like thing appears at the eyelid, which can be visible at outside as well as inside of eyelid. This is not harmful to the vision. This problem could occur in an

Non Veg Wholesome Meal

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