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    Ask The Diet Expert

    On account of Health Awareness Campiagn At DesiDieter, We Answer All Your Queries And Share Them With All Our Readers. Bringing You Some Interesting Q & A's What is the ideal way to start a day? Start your day with a combination of carbohydrate

    Walk for Life - Sit for 60, Walk for 3

    Our lives are ruled by TV, computer, cars and ofcourse work which again is ‘Sedentary’. Well, we can’t go farming for a livelihood or ride a cycle from Delhi to Gurgaon in pursuit of happiness aka health. Striving to get fit

    Baby Food Diet

    A Baby Food Diet for Adults? Yes! Apparently Hollywood stars got in on the craze to lose weight fast and invented the baby food diet. The chief designer at Christian Dior, Hedi Slimane, was the first to turn to baby food in order to fit into his des

Veg Wholesome Meal

2 Rice flour bhakri + 1 katori radish veg + 1 katori corn and bean salad + buttermilk

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