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    Healthy Eating At Work Place

    We all know that healthy eating habits have huge effects on our  weight loss goal. At workplace we are always preoccupied so developing unhealthy food habits like skipping breakfast, overeating, late night dinner and fast food consumption is co

    Happy Raksha Bandhan!

    How to avoid the unhealthy calories on Rakhi? Rakhi / Rakshabandhan is incomplete without sweets and feasting on home cooked heavy food is mandatory. Avoiding the desserts and excess calories is difficult. For those on a mission to eat healthy and l

    Eat Fit While Watching Sports

    Cricket mania has adorned even the non-sports freak, this season. Health experts do not want to be labelled spoilt sports but warn against long sitting hours in front of TV and just munching. The high calorie snacks that add 'zing' to your excitement

    Five Bonus tips for you this Diwali!!!

    Diwali signifies the importance of illumination i.e. enlightenment from ignorance. Lighting lamps, bursting firecrackers and eating sweets are important aspect of every Hindu household to flaunt their prosperity and boast of cheer of festival. Diwali

    Foods that Boost your Memory

    There are times when it's difficult to concentrate on studies or even at work. Though it is a cliché to hear people saying eat the right food to increase brainpower, chances are they're true.   When looking for the right food that could

Veg Wholesome Meal

A quarter plate of tomato basil penne with a teaspoon of cheddar cheese and an orange.

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