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    Benefits of Warm Lemon Water

    Warm lemon water serves as the perfect 'good morning' drink, as it aids the digestive system and makes the process of eliminating the waste products from the body easier.

    Tags: Selenium, Fatty Acid, Hat, Iron, Nutrition, HDL

    Honey: The Magic Ingredient

    Ayurvedic as well as Yunani medicine have been using honey as a vital medicine for centuries. It is known to have medicinal properties without any known side effects.

    Tags: Diabetes, Dehydration, Insulin, Nausea, Ayurveda, Cancer

    Top 5 Things to Keep In Mind While Working Out

    Working out can be dangerous as it can be beneficial.

    Skin Rasayana

    The ego becomes diminished when the skin is poor and even the most beautiful persons feel less sure of themselves when they have a pimple upon the end of their nose.

    Tags: Obesity, Unani, Clinical, Herb, Triphala, Ojas

    Tulsi Rasayana

    Tulsi or holy basil is an important symbol in the Hindu religious tradition and is worshipped in the morning and evening by Hindus at large.

    Tags: Obesity, Unani, Clinical, Herb, Kapha, Pitta

    Brussels Veg Sprouts Fry

    Serves: 2 Ingredients: 7-9 Brussels sprouts 1 teaspoon Urad dal 1 teaspoon Channa dal 1/2 teaspoon Mustard seeds 4-5 green chillies 2 teaspoon oil  Method:  Cut Brussels sprouts into halves and keep aside. Ta

    Japanese Chicken Soup with Noodles

    Serves: 2 Ingredients: 2 cups fat-free chicken stock 1 teaspoon soy sauce Salt to taste (optional) 30 g cooked egg noodles 6 large oriental mushrooms, soaked in warm water until softened and sliced 1/2 cup cooked chicken, diced 4-6 pieces le

    Vegetable Tempura

    Serves: 2 Ingredients: 1 cups all-purpose flour; sifted 1 teaspoon salt 1/8 teaspoon baking soda 1 egg yolk 2 cup ice water Vegetable oil for frying 2 medium zucchini; sliced thin 1 green pepper; cut into strips 1 large onion; sliced 250 g

    Pasta Salad

    Serves: 2 Ingredients: 1/2 cup uncooked pasta 1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar 1/4 cup cherry tomatoes, halved 1/4 cup green bell pepper strips 2 tablespoon sliced pitted ripe olives, drained basil seasoning 1 teaspoon garlic flakes Method

    Brussels Sprouts Fry

    Serves: 2 Ingredients: 7-9 Brussels sprouts 1 teaspoon Urad dal 1 teaspoon Channa dal 1/2 teaspoon Mustard seeds 4-5 green chillies 2 teaspoon oil Method: Cut Brussels sprouts into halves and keep aside. Take 2 teaspoon oil and


    Eczema means 'boiling over' of the skin. It is characterized by eruptions accompanied with itching, redness, flaking and tiny blisters. There are several types of eczema. 'Atopic' eczema occurs in the people with a family history of allergies and as


    Earache is a common disorder. Who amongst us has not, at some point of time, suffered from the sheer misery of an earache? Earache can be caused due to various reasons like cold, enlarged adenoids, infection caused by swimming in polluted water, teet


    Acidity is a common problem now-a-days. The excess production of acid by the gastric glands of the stomach, results in the condition known as acidity. It occurs when hydrochloric acid, an important constituent of digestive juices, makes its way upwa


    Obesity is the most common nutritional disorder, particularly among the affluent, all over the world. Obesity may be described as a condition characterized by excessive deposition of fat in the body. It is usually a result of consuming food in quanti


    Insomnia literally means a complete lack of sleep. However, in practice it is used to denote a relative inability to sleep. In other words, it is difficulty in falling asleep or difficulty in remaining asleep, early final awakening or combination of

    Dear Dietitian May I Have Paani Poori On My Diet

    Well why not J. I consider myself a very liberal dietitian. Having said that, it doesn’t mean I will allow you everything and anything to eat. But, I respect the cravings of the body and will help you surpass or succumb to them in tolerable all

    Diet With DesiDieter This Navratras

    I love fasting during Navratras. The diet helps me feel lighter and very rejuvenated. The gluten free and simple meals leave my body energised and few pounds lighter. This is a generic plan I have prepared for this Navratras and would like all my cl

    It is Time To Spring Clean Your Diet

    With spring just around the corner, people are getting ready to welcome the warmer months by clearing the junk, dust and dirt accumulated over the past few months and storing away the woollies for the next winter. This year along with spring cleaning

Veg Wholesome Meal

cup of Almond milk with a bowl of clay pot rice and boiled veggies

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