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    Five Reasons to Fiber up on SALADS

    Salad is not an exotic dish to be enjoyed only in 5-stars hotel. You can toss it up in seconds at home and enjoy a zestful of flavor and healthy benefits.

    Freeze Treat

    Beat The Heat With Home-Made Ice-cream. Summer vacations are on! And, there is nothing much to do except figuring out how to keep the little ones preoccupied. DesiDieter experts are mums with naughty children themselves. This is how they are keepin

    Make a Fluffy Omlette

     Make a frothy omlette which will not collapse when removed from frying pan on to plate by adding a pinch of corn starch and powdered sugar to the separated egg yolks before beating them. Whip separated egg whites untill fluffy and than mix the

Non Veg Wholesome Meal

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