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  I was 96.5 Kg in 4 months ago and I am 84 Kg and still going to a target of 75 Kg, Divya (Desidieter) is my Nutrionist for diet management, and she has been doing a wonderful job, by keeping constant supervision and timely control of the diet plan.
I believe that there are two things necessary for healthy weight/fat loss, Balanced Diet and Regular Exercise, these are a MUST, and Divya has been extraordinary at the Diet part of it. I will recommend her as a Nutrionist."

Love to have diet plans

  Love to have diet plans Im very glad to be in DD. It is a good way of keeping myself healthy. I would love to have diet plans to keep myself fit...........

Weight Loss Journey

  Weight Loss Journey DesiDieter has helped me relearn the correct eating habits and been my guide through my weight loss journey. Its been an exhilarating experience and am thrilled to have been progressing in my weight loss even on my vacations. Thanks again to your team and good luck.

Great going

  Great going Hi, I am Sandeep Chaudhary and i have joined this community only few minutes back and I have already became the biggest fan of these guys.I just wana say that you guys are doing great job and please let me know if I can be any kind of help.Thanks once again for such a valuable contribution to the society.


  Ms I'm from the nutrition field and i appreciate your efforts to customize the diets for Indians...In your nutrition section, along with dietary guidance, the emphasis that has been laid on the physical fitness is commendable!! The holistic concept of good health (nutritious food, healthy and active lifestyle, importance of destressing and finally going back to our age old ayurveda wisdom is your USP....Keep up the endeavours !


  Doctor I personaaly liked the premature greying of hair section -the best..Thanks to ur effort!

Guinea Pig Brigade

  Guinea Pig Brigade Hey you guys. Guinea Pig # 38 is doing well. Now lost 15 pounds in 12 weeks. I cant believe it. This diet WORKS!!! Move over Shika Sharma and VLCC. A new star is born.

Kids Diet

  Kids Diet Thank you Aprajita auntie for making me nice recipes for making my teeth and bones strong. I really like them.

Contest Testimonials

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Veg Wholesome Meal

A quarter plate of hash browns with a bowl of clear tomato soup.

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