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February is season of love

We all love someone or something. DesiDieter loves Health Stories. Yes, we want you to share your health story with us. We want to know how you strive to get in shape each day. The best responses will be reviewed by our diet experts. You could earn a free Silver Package from DesiDieter.
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Special Diets For Special Needs

DesiDieter brings special healthy diets to give an outline on dietary habits in special conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, heart diseases, pregnancy, jaundice etc. These special healthy diets provide a menu for 5 days in different conditions.
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Ayurveda Diet Plan

Each individual has a different constitution. As per principles of Ayurveda, one should know their body constitution or Dosha and eat accordingly.

The way you feel is probably because of what you eat.

Ayurveda Diet Plan rectifies the imbalances and makes you feel healthy within.
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World Cancer Day 4th Feb Is World Cancer Day - Be Aware

Heart attack patients who are exposed to low-dose radiation from cardiac imaging and other procedures may have an increased risk of cancer, a new study finds.
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