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Cervical Cancer Cervical Cancer

Cervical Cancer

Cancer cells develop between the uterus and the cervical part leading to the vagina. This is called cervical cancer. Cervical cancer develops mainly due to an infection known as Human papillomavirus (HPV) when the cancer virus combination affects the cells in the cervical area causing mutations which leads to cervical intra epithelial neoplasia resulting in cervical cancer. Not all types of HPV cause cancers but a few may cause cervical cancer. This type of virus may spread by having sex with a person who carries it. This type of cancer may not show any complications for the first few years.

Symptoms of Cervical Cancer:

General Symptoms:

  • Excessive vaginal bleeding
  • Abnormal change in menstruation cycle
  • Bleeding during sexual intercourse or insertion of diaphragm in cervical area
  • Pain during sexual intercourse
  • Anaemic due to excessive bleeding
  • Experiencing pain in pelvic region, legs and back
  • Abnormal discharge of mucus with bleeding

Other Symptoms:

Because of excessive bleeding, chances of urinary problems occur due to the blockage of the urethra or kidney which causes continuous pain in the pelvic, legs or back regions. These symptoms cause weight loss and to some extreme cases, leaking of urine.

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