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Diabetes: The Warning Signs Diabetes: The Warning Signs

Diabetics in low and middle income populations are middle-aged and not elderly

Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes Mellitus is a condition in which the body either does not produce enough, or does not respond to insulin.Insulin enables cells to absorb glucose in order to turn it into energy.

Types of Diabetes -

Type 1 Diabetes: It affects 10% of people in whom the pancreas produces no insulin.

Type 2 Diabetes: It affects 90% of people in whom either the pancreas produces a reduced amount of insulin or the cells do not respond to insulin, or both.

Gestational Diabetes: It occurs during pregnancy, causing a rise in blood glucose levels.

Diabetes Warning Signs - 

  • Dehydration
  • Nausea & Vomiting
  • Increased Fatigue
  • Polydipsia (Increased Thirst)
  • Polyuria (Increased Urination)
  • Polyphagia (Increased Appetite)
  • Weight Loss
  • Infections (Bacterial/ Viral/ Urinary Tract Infection)
  • Poor Wound Healing
  • Blurry Vision

If you show any of the above signs, seek medical attention, immediately!!

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