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How to lose weight quickly How to lose weight quickly

Losing weight is a challenge. It requires the right approach and plenty of patience. One cannot achieve weight loss in a day. To lose weight you need to give your body ample time. Gradual weight loss is better than rapid weight loss. There are plenty of tricks in the trade to lose weight quickly.

How to Lose Weight

Many experts suggest going on fad diets and some suggest crash dieting. But, wise experts are of the opinion that to lose weight, you need to diet and exercise. This is the only way to create calorie deficit and burn fat.

Experts also believe that sticking to a diet and fitness plan is not easy. As formed habits are difficult to change, thus boredom sets in on a weight loss plan. To avoid monotony changing diets and exercise routine is also recommended.

If you have been asking yourself “how to lose weight quickly”; please rephrase it to “how to lose weight surely”.

These are few insights in to losing weight the right way:
Journal your weight loss journey - Firstly, start a food diary. Note down your 24 hours diet intake for a period of 3-4 days. Scan the intake and see what you can cut down i.e. anything you feel is simply adding to calories. It could be an extra toast or a cookie or even that extra cup of tea in noon. Research indicates journaling really make a difference in long-term weight management according to Gail Curtis, assistant professor at Wake Forest University Health Sciences in Winston-Salem, N.C.
Moreover, you can also pen down your emotions while eating a particular food and notice if you are a victim of emotional eating. Stress, anxiety, boredom can trigger cravings and some people hog on additional calories as they are unable to control these emotions.
Cut down on sweet beverages - Soft drinks, juices, sherbets will not fill you up and are unnecessary calories. Sweet tea, soda, and flavored and sweetened milks, waters, and coffees will certainly have to be avoided to lose weight quickly. Drink plain water, low-fat milk, and sugar-free drinks instead. Lemon juice, buttermilk, coconut water are also a good choice on weight loss plan.
Physical activity is necessary - According to Jillian Michaels, America’s favorite fitness expert an hour is ideal to get the most out of the workout and see significant results. 60-minute workout sessions should always include a 5-minute warm-up, followed by 50 minutes of your primary cardio or strength-training exercises, followed by at least 5 minutes of cooling down and stretching. For those who don’t have the time; must try for at least 150 hours of moderate physical activity each week (and that breaks down to just 30 minutes of physical activity five days a week). What′s important to understand is that this is intended for people who want to maintain the most basic level of fitness but not for people who want to lose weight.
But if you want to drop those pounds, you′re going to have to be prepared for a bit more work.
Eat food to fuel weight loss - Eating 3 meals a day is redundant. Now, experts say to eat 6 mini meals day to boost the metabolism and lose weight. Frequent eating in small doses revs up the metabolism and controls hunger and is a healthier way of eating than three big meals. DesiDieter experts warn it matters what and how much you eat over the course of the day rather than how often you eat. “Don′t eat seven times a day if what you′re eating is a salty snack or a pizza. If you′re going to do that, reach for an apple instead.” according to DesiDieter Nutritionist.
Eat more vegetables - Use your plate to guide your food selection and portion sizes. One half of the plate should be raw/steamed/cooked vegetables. The other side can be split between protein and whole grain carbohydrates. If you decide to get a second serving it can be all vegetables. People who eat five or more servings of fruits and vegetables a day are more successful with weight loss. As raw produce are rich in fiber and help you feel full longer.
Portion control is necessary - Weight loss experts suggest to lose weight faster eat everything, don’t starve but eat smaller portions or share a plate at restaurants. It helps cut down on calories.

These are just some suggestions to help you lose weight. It is suggested to join a hand-held program with a dietitian to ensure healthy weight loss and fast but sure fat loss.

To learn about a weight loss diet plan apt for you; consult the nutritionists at


Tina Khanna
DesiDieter Expert

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