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International Women's Day: March 8th, 2010 International Women's Day: March 8th, 2010

International Women′s Day - March 8

The role of a Woman throughout the history of mankind has been of the person who brings balance and peace.

March 8, also celebrated as International Women′s Day is a celebration of being a woman. Be it the role of a home-maker or a business professional, women have proved their equality with men. But often while performing this balancing act, women neglect their health.

  • The average female life expectancy in India is low compared to many other countries
  • Maternal mortality in India is the second highest in the world
  • According to a UNDP Human Development Report in 1997, 88% of pregnant women (age 15-49) were found to be suffering from anemia.

These are just a few indicators about the fact that it is time that women started paying more attention towards their wellness.

DesiDieterTM has listed articles intended to aid women face common challenges and also some ways to relieve themselves of these challenges:

Some common illnesses that affect Women:

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1 Comment

  • neha
    Women always plays an important role for every society as we all know that according to competitive intelligence research women plays a key role in order to make the society happy peaceful.
    2021-10-20 14:11:46

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