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Nutrition Wise People - What are bollywood divas eating? Nutrition Wise People - What are bollywood divas eating?

What do celebrities eat?
A peaches and pink skin can be morphed with Photoshop. But, you cannot fake a healthy body. We envy the celebs for their firm well sculptured figure which they definitely deserve. The high pressure movie industry demands them to be in shape and they work very hard for it.
Let us have a glimpse in the plates of these three bollywood hotties and learn what are they eating to keep themselves in perfect shape.
Kareena Kapoor - She is a popular youth icon. As she does not want to give her fans the wrong message, Kareena Kapoor lost weight with a strict diet regime but no crash dieting. She gave up non-veg quite a while back and also a lot of her favourite carbs like parathas, pasta, Chinese and Thai cuisines and bananas. Her diet constitutes a lot of soups, fruits, yoghurt, vegetable salads, and plenty of fluids that met her daily calorie requirements. Her meals are appropriately planned by dietitians so that she gets right amount of nutrition with a balanced combination of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals and optimal supplements. 
She keeps herself fit with a lot of “Power Yoga”.
Kangana Ranaut – This gorgeous lady tries to keep herself well-toned with a good muscle mass. Her diet is more balanced and contains uniquely combined cereals and proteins.
Porridge and egg white omelette
Mid morning:
Fruit plate and protein shake
Sabji/salad, grilled chicken, rotis, dal and rice
Brown bread with egg white sandwich
Same as lunch but soup instead of roti

Kangana is known to follow a regular work out plan with a trained fitness expert.
Sonam Kapoor – She is appreciated for her talent as well as swan like beauty. But, this bollywood actress also struggles to keep her weight in check. Diagnosed of PCOD during teens, Sonam Kapoor was known to be a weight rebel and couldn’t keep her weight down.

But, today with the right approach she is managing it quite well.

She avoids bingeing but doesn’t ignore her cravings. If she wants a chocolate she eats it but tries to portion control. Here are some interesting diet facts we learnt about Sonam Kapoor which seemed very practical and nutrition-wise. Drink plenty of fluids through the day. Sonam Kapoor drinks coconut water every hour or two; it not only quenches thirst but also helps feeling refreshed. Other natural drinks such as cucumber juice and buttermilk are also her favourite as it helps her stay hydrated and keep up energy levels. She is quite particular about avoiding fried foods aand desserts. Sonam Kapoor knows that salt and sugar are silent killers so she consumes both, in moderation by switching to natural sugars and seasoning in her food.

As we can see that these three divas are definitely setting a healthy example. Let us also aspire to learn some more from these youth icon than just fashion tips.


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