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Seizures Seizures

Seizures Symptoms


General Symtoms

  • A person that is having a seizure may make some kind of sound, stiffen up and make rhythmic movements in the arms and legs
  • Eyes are usually open
  • The person may appear like they are not breathing
  • Returning to the state of consciousness is slow and should take place within a few minutes
  • Loss of urine
  • People are often confused
  • Strange sensations
  • Small repetitive movements
  • Dazed, confused
  • Impairment in consciousness
  • Repetitive blinking

Other Symptoms

  • Generalized seizures involve all areas of the brain and are often referred to as grand mal seizures.
  • Partialseizures or focal seizures are when only part of the brain is involved and only part of the body is affected.
  • The symptoms of these types of seizures may vary.
  • Petit mal seizures are common in childhood and are generally brief.

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