Weight Management Issues: Frequent Travel

Weight Management for Frequent Traveler

An important reason for most people not being able to follow a diet is that they are frequent travelers. They find it tough to maintain a diet and fitness schedule on the move.

Does frequent travel play havoc with your diet too? Do you wonder how you can stay healthy and fit with so much travel? Its not that tough!

Following are a few tips that you can follow when on the move. These will not only keep your weight in check but also keep you energetic and activated throughout your travel!

Weight Management Tips

The biggest problem with dieting while on the move is that you may not be able to plan your next meal. Its important to make a conscious decision to eat healthy wherever you stop over.

> Outlets like Subway and McDonald's have healthier options to their fat and mayonnaise laden sandwiches. Ask for low fat or slimmers choice. Instead of fried chicken, you can always go in for smoked, roasted or grilled chicken whole wheat sandwiches.

> When on the move, it is always good to carry snacks like unsalted nuts, raw veggies, dried fruit, fresh fruit, granola bars, hard-boiled eggs, sports drinks, yogurt and dry cereal. These make for a healthy snack and keep you away from the hunger pangs that can be quite dangerous for dieters.

> Sleep-deprivation is another reason for hunger pangs. Most travelers are deprive of sleep and end up choosing the most calorie dense foods at such times. Make sure you don t end up with either sugary or cheesy fried food.

> Another mistake that travelers make is to dehydrate themselves. Aprajita Mahendiratta, Nutrition Expert, explains that the body sends similar signals to the brain when it is hungry or thirsty. It is important not to confuse these signals. Keep yourself hydrated. This will not only prevent you from gorging on food at odd hours but also prevent deep vein thrombosis, a problem that often affects fliers who sit in one place for long hours.

> Keep away from alcohol and simulators like tea and coffee which will make you feel further parched and dehydrated. 


 > Apart from these, it is also necessary to keep in mind that eating well is for your own good. Avoid eating out of boredom in flights or while waiting at the airport. This just adds up to the unnecessary calories.

> Travel may throw your schedule out of gear but it is important not to do the same with your diet.

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