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WORLD HEALTH DAY - 7 APRILSpreading awareness on Personal Health is just one of the reasons why World Health Day is observed every year throughout the World. DesiDieter would like to share with you some vital health tools that could help you maintain your Personal Health Records, as well as help you understand how you fair with your Health Age.

WHAT IS A Personal Health Records (PHR)?

Personal Health Records (PHRs) are electronic applications through which individuals can enter, modify, maintain and manage their health information in a secure environment at the convenience of their computer.

A PHR contains information about your medical health history, family health history, emergency contacts, physician information, insurance information, vision, dental, immunizations, hospitalizations, surgeries, allergies, infectious diseases, diagnostics/lab information, medical devices and physical/occupational therapies.

This report can be printed and carried along with you to your doctor or dentist, for a second opinion. 

BENEFITS OF A Personal Health Records (PHR)

  • If you are the center of support of your family, this is a convenient way to manage the health records of the whole family, whether it be your parents, spouse and/or children.
  • Patients of chronic health conditions need to keep a track of all treatments and care from multiple health professionals to ensure any forthcoming treatment plan.
  • In case of a provider of aging adults, this provides a concise method of maintaining the health and medical record.
  • Also helps with any person with special dietary needs or for a child with special needs.

Click here to view a Sample PHR Report.

Go to My PHR NOW


What is a Health Age Lifestyle and Longevity Assessment?

This is an electronic application based on a self reporting questionnaire. This assessment will help you in finding your health age and in learning about the potential years which could be added to your age based on your lifestyle, through which, we will provide personalized ways to improvise on your actual age substantially.

The data will be used to generate a comprehensive report consisting of:

  • an overall lifestyle Score
  • an individual lifestyle score of Key Lifestyle Predictors of Health and Longevity including physical activity, smoking status, BMI, red meat, whole grains, fruits and vegetables, nuts, water, happiness, social support, sleep, and stress. 
  • a health age appraisal comprising of your current age, potential health age, health age, and potential added years of life.

This report can also be printed and carried along with you to your doctor, so that he or she may be updated with your lifestyle and dietary habits.

Click here to view a Sample Health Age Report.

Check my Health Age TODAY


Why would one require a Dietitian?

Did you ever think about the importance of a Dietitian?

A dietitian is a person who can provide customized nutritional and dietary advice to individuals and families on establishing and maintaining healthy lifestyle behaviors.  They are capable of providing in-depth nutritional counseling that can be instrumental in changing the diet and physical activity patterns of children and families.

Before any advice, your doctor and dietician will need to know a lot about your illness and diet, also known as a nutritional assessment. Your doctor or dietician will inquire about the history of your illness, your appetite and weight. This may seem like too much to deal with if you are very tired, weak or sick. But it is extremely important that you are properly assessed for your nutritional problems in order to obtain the right treatment.

What does a Dietitian Do?

A dietitian would normally complete a patient’s profile by asking several questions. Based on this, they can recommend specific meals, snacks, and food, and how food might need to be prepared to help you eat. For example, a pureed diet may help if you are having problems swallowing. They may also recommend ‘meals in a drink’ that you can have if you can′t face a meal. The drinks can be bought from the chemist or are available on prescription. There are many other types of nutritional supplements which can help to boost your intake of nutrients. Your dietitian will advise whether any of these will help you.

Just remember, that a detailed history of your diet and weight often tell more than laboratory tests.

So, let DesiDieter help you by providing expert Dietary and Nutritional Advice for all your weight management needs, especially if you are challenged by any illness or disease.

Visit our Weight Management Center Today and start Tracking your detailed food intake and activity pattern for the specified number of days. Please note that you must have a “Gold” or “Platinum” membership to avail of these services.


For more information on diet, nutrition, health, weight loss or fitness contact DesiDieter Health and Diet Experts.

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