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 Diet Myths and Facts

Myth:  Spinach is rich in Iron and children should be given a lot of it.


Yes, spinach is a good source of nutrient iron and should be included in children and adults diet alike.
But, spinach also contains a high level of oxalic acid. This prevents absorption of iron from spinach.
It is vital that one eats iron absorption enhancers like orange, orange juice, lemon juice or tomato salad along with a meal containing spinach.
These contain vitamin C that helps in absorption of iron from foods.
Green leafy vegetables other than spinach and amaranth, which actually provide good amount of iron, is fenugreek leaves (methi). Leaves of vegetables like cauliflower, carrots, turnips and colocasia should be cooked and consumed for iron and beta-carotene (plant Vitamin A).

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  • divya1
    Means we should always have orange, orange juice, lemon juice or tomato salad while having Spinach??
    2011-10-04 03:07:31

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