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DesiDieter offers scientifically formulated weight loss diet plans which can be accessed in the vicinity of your home, office infact anywhere. Expert nutritionists and fitness expert's work together to formulate weight loss program tailored specifically for you.

To lose weight and get back in shape, explore the online weight loss diet and fitness packages from panel of experts on DesiDieter. Losing weight can be quite an ordeal and so to add 'zing' to the routine we offer innovative healthy recipes, home remedies, health tools and calculators, special diets, yoga, fitness exercise and lots more! So, to get back in shape, achieve your fitness goals and reach milestones for good health; lose weight the healthy way with DesiDieter.

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Diet Myths & Facts

Myth: Diabetics should not eat rice

Fact: One of the biggest misconceptions is that once a person is detected to be a diabetic he has to stop eating rice. This is not true. Rice can be include
Lose Weight Without Exercise.

Desidieter does not have a fitness trainer, anymore. we observed that most of our clients were too lazy or simply did not have will/time to follow exercise ritual passion...


Diet Post Festival Season

 The festivities are over. But New Year is around the corner. Instead of waiting for resolutions in 2015, make a goal now.

Lose weight with DesiDieter before...

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Really cool post

Really cool post

Thank you for sharing with us this neat article. i very much enjoyed this

Thank you for sharing with us this neat article. i very much enjoyed this









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