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How it Works

What's Included

Dieting Community

Get required support and motivation. Also find people like yourself at our community.  Our Community of friends and experts can support you in continuing on your path of successful weight loss and can help you at your every step.

Registered Dietitians

Get all your queries and doubts answered. DD gives you one-on-one access to certified nutritionists which could cost you a large sum to hire on your own. Professional advice is only a phone call or email away!

Healthy Recipe

From the Diet conscious to the ones who like to eat everything under the roof, everyone will find something to make their taste buds feel good. Simple and popular recipes and easy-to-cook videos make healthy eating delicious... and painless!


DD Weight Loss Guarantee


Participate in a Stress Free Weight Loss Program!

Stress is one of the main culprits for your excess weight and this is why we give you a Weight Loss Guarantee. We ensure that with DesiDieter, YOUR LOSS IS YOUR GAIN!

We GUARANTEE you that you will lose weight with our diet plans.

You get your very own customized diet plan from our experts. Stick to it and we guarantee that with our Diet Plans, you'll be able to lose weight easily! If you don't get satisfactory results in six or less your next six months as a DesiDieter Special Packages user will be absolutely FREE!*

We have often seen that people do not follow their diet routines properly. Stay put with your goals and you will definitely achieve them.

When you believe you can, you will!!

*Weight Loss Guarantee is applicable to DesiDieter Special Packages users only. You should have completed your Nutrition Profile and had at least two Nutrition Consulting sessions on the phone during the first 6 months period.


Weight GuaranteeIf you do not lose weight in
6 months or less, we'll give you the next 6 months FREE.