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Cracked Heels

Cracked heels are a result of your ignorance towards your feet. If you look after and pamper your skin, your hair, your face but not your hands and feet then your beauty is incomplete. Even if you look the best in crowd with your beauty and appearance but your feet are peeing ugly and unclean out of your shoes then your entire beauty is a waste. Because it will spoil your overall look. Just after caring a little about your feet, you can make them healthy and look as beautiful as your face looks.

Cracked Heels
Squeeze one lemon in a 1/4 bucket of water, soak your feet weekly twice and wash your feet using pumice stone and soap.
Cracked Heels
  • Lemon
Cracked Heels
  • Keep feet clean and dirt free.
  • Exercise the feet regularly.
  • Alternate hot and cold water for a feet bath to soothe the feet.
  • Moisturize and exfoliate the feet, whenever possible.
  • Avoid walking bare feet as much as possible.
Other Remedies
Cracked Heels
  • Apply hydrogenated vegetable oil after washing the feet clean, especially in the cracked areas.
  • Wear a pair of thick socks when you go to bed. This will help you to combat the cracked heel problem.
  • Make a pulp of a ripe banana and apply it on the dry or a cracked area and leave it for 10 minutes. Rinse it carefully and dry it.
  • Wash and moisturize your skin daily. At the end of the day, soak the feet in warm soapy water, rinse them and towel dry. Then apply a foot cream.
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