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Why Should I Yoga

Yoga is more than an exercise routine. It is a complimentary medicine. DesiDieter experts recommend yoga with diet to heal body, mind and soul.... Read more

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Yoga and Cancer

Yoga is conscious training for the state of spiritual insight and tranquility which is achieved through action, knowledge and devotion... Read more

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Yoga to Reduce Wrinkles and Aging

The most common definition of aging is not what really determines it.... Read more

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Cholesterol Management through Yoga Pose

Cholesterol is a soft, waxy substance found among lipids in the bloodstream and cells. Cholesterol isn't all bad.... Read more

Tags: Cholesterol, Yoga, Sarvangasana, Ardha, Matsyendrasana

Bhujangaasan (The Cobra Pose)

Aasan literally means pose. Asanas make the body strong and healthy, regulate breathing, ensure proper digestion of food, increase longevity, calm the mind and body and strengthen will power.... Read more

Tags: yoga, asana, exercise, Bhujangasana, Bhujang, cobra pose

The Essence of Yoga

Artistic, Therapeutic, Power, Hot, Sahaj, there are many contemporary prefixes to Yoga. ... Read more

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