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Health Age

 Health Age

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Congratulations for choosing the right step towards feeling like going back to college once again! The Desidieter team would like YOU to take control over your every health aspect related to being young or energetic to aid you in living the life to its fullest.   

By choosing to take personal responsibility for your good health now, we hope and wish you may live a longer, younger, and happier life.

What is a Health Age Lifestyle and Longevity Assessment?

This is an electronic application based on a self reporting questionnaire. This assessment will help you in finding your health age and learning about the potential years which could be added to your age based on your lifestyle, through which we will provide personalized ways to improvise on your actual age substantially.

The assessment is comprised of two parts:

  1. Biographical information: A set of questions regarding your personal details and your current health status.
  2. Lifestyle questionnaire:  A set of 12 questions assessing your dietary and lifestyle habits.

At the completion of the assessment, the above data will be used to generate a comprehensive report consisting of:

  • an overall lifestyle Score
  • an individual lifestyle score of Key Lifestyle Predictors of Health and Longevity including physical activity, smoking status, BMI, red meat, whole grains, fruits and vegetables, nuts, water, happiness, social support, sleep, and stress. 
  • a health age appraisal comprising of your current age, potential health age, health age, and potential added years of life.

Recommended values for improvement are provided in each category.

Why should one complete a Health Age-Lifestyle and Longevity Assessment?

This will identify your current health status leading to:

  • Adaptation of better lifestyle predictors to enhance your health age
  • Adaptation of guidelines for healthy living
  • Addition of potential years to your life

This report can be printed and carried along with you to your doctor, so that he or she may be updated with your lifestyle and dietary habits. We suggest carrying this with you during while traveling in case of any unforeseen medical emergency.

How long would it take to complete A Health Age-Lifestyle and Longevity Assessment?

Approximately 10 minutes.

Is there anything else I should know about completing a health Age-lifestyle and longevity assessment?

While completing your health information, accuracy and openness is vital for a proper comprehension of your health by your health care professional. The only way that he/she can provide you with the most effective and useful treatment is if the information stated on your record is complete and accurate in all respects.

This calculation is only appropriate for persons 25 years of age or older.