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Diet for Anaemia

 Diet for Anaemia

Diet for Anaemia

Anaemia occurs when the level of haemoglobin (red blood cells) falls below normal levels, causing a decrease in the supply of oxygen in the tissues.

A diet rich in iron helps in increasing the hemoglobin levels. It is seen that iron from non-veg sources (heme-iron) is more readily absorbed than iron from vegetarian sources (non-heme iron). The addition of vitamin C to the diet helps in the absorption of iron and hence squeezing some lime juice on your salads/food and eating or drinking foods rich in vitamin C along with your meals would facilitate iron absorption. Avoid drinking tea with your meals as the tannins present in the tea can interfere with the absorption of iron from the meal.

Adults and children who are diagnosed of low hemoglobin count require an iron rich diet. Diet for anemia contains iron rich veg/non-veg sources and is nutritionally rich in vitamins and folic acid.

Diet for anemic patients should be evaluated by a medical expert and/or a nutritionist. DesiDieter nutrition experts have formulated an Anemia Diet i.e., a generic plan to help individuals improve upon their hemoglobin count.


Diet for Anaemia

Option Early Morning Breakfast Mid Morning Lunch Evening Dinner
breakfast mid morning lunch late noon snackes dinner
1 Tomato Carrot juice High energy Poha with Pudina Chutney An orange Broccoli and Mushroom Steamed Rice with clear tomato soup Milk and a piece of Carrot Murrabba Baked Vegetables
2 Beetroot carrot and Orange Juice Ragi Porridge A guava Phulkas with Methi Chaman and Kadhi Dates Kheer Phulka with Black Channa Curry
3 Carrot Spinach and Lime Juice Sweet idlis with coconut chutney A bowl of watermelon Soya upma with mint raita Healthy Fruity Jelly Sauteed Green Beans with Tofu along With Boiled rice
4 Green Lemon Tea Bajra Potato Roti with Dahi An apple Chinese style Spinach Rice Milk with Till Laddos Toast with Stir Fry Beets and clear tomato soup
5 Wheat Grass Juice Methi Dhokla An amla muraabba Sprouted Green Gram Dosa with Sambhar Anjeer Basundi Til roti with Lotus Stem Kofta curry

Majority of women and children in India are anemic. A proper dietary care is all that is required to improve the condition. Please consult a diet expert to learn what diet is appropriate for you and your lifestyle.

Click here to consult our Expert Dietician for a personalized Diet for Anaemia.
Veg Wholesome Meal

A quarter plate of hash browns with a bowl of clear tomato soup.

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