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Diet Care fore a New Mother Post-Delivery

Having a baby is a wonderful episode in life. The bundle of joy brings out the best in a lady. But, a new mother needs as much care post-delivery as she will during her pregnancy

Top 5 Ways to Make Your Diet a Success

Losing weight is a dilemma for most people. Most often, you may find yourself going on a crash diet and rigorous exercise regime and giving up due to early disappointments.

Cholesterol Diet Tips

You may know what foods to avoid in order to keep your levels of bad cholesterol in check but what are the foods you should be including in your diet to ensure a healthy heart and a managed level of cholesterol.

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Diet for nusing mothers

The diet for breastfeeding mothers should simply be a continuation of the healthy dietary choices made during pregnancy. The lactating mother\'s diet should be a well-balanced meal providing all the necessary nutrients rather than one which merely provides more energy due to the addition of lots of

Diet Post Pregnancy

Can you recommend a healthy diet for ladies after delivery? Thanks. Sona

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Care during Pregnancy & Lactation

Although good nutrition throughout one’s life is important, for a woman it becomes a cause for more concern when she is pregnant and later when she is lactating. The body undergoes several changes during these two phases of life and thus the nutritional requirements also increase during these

Losing Weight While Nursing

Motherhood is a wonderful phase. The demands of a new baby are tremendous and in all that taking care of, the new mom can get ‘neglected’. Of all things to get back as usual, fitting in to old favorite clothes is the top-most thing on her mind. It can be quite frustrating to be not able

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Yahoo Answer(s)
i want to see a sample diet for lactating women............... living in India

Answer: Lactating women anywhere in the world need a diet that is balanced and varied. All of the babies nutrients come through the mother's milk so it is very important for the mother to eat correctly. I am attaching 2 links, both specific to India. One is the LaLeche League which is a great organization that works to promote and educate about breast feeding. The other is specifically about the mother's diet.


Answer: No. You need a lot more calories than that. Unfortunately, you can't take part in any serious diet, even though I understand wanting to get that extra weight off. It is possible to lose weight while breastfeeding, but you have to make healthy food choices and lose the weight slowly. Talk to the lactation nurses at your hospital - they have the best advice about everything breastfeeding related.

Veg Wholesome Meal

2 Rice flour bhakri + 1 katori radish veg + 1 katori corn and bean salad + buttermilk

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