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Online Diabetes Diet Plan

The goal of a diabetic diet chart is to avoid any surges in the blood glucose levels at any time of the day. This can be easily accomplished by following a "three meals and three small snacks" pattern. Following a diabetic diet chart along with portion control, avoiding foods that cause the sugar levels to soar (e.g. sugars, sweets) and choosing foods high in fiber are also the key to maintaining a near normal level of blood sugar throughout the day. The diet for diabetics should also be rich in fiber which helps by slowing down or reducing the absorption/release of glucose into the blood stream. Diabetics are also more prone to developing heart diseases, so a diet low in total fat will help to prevent heart diseases in the near future.

Exercise also improves the body's ability to use the insulin and incorporating a suitable exercise regimen* on a daily basis can help in controlling the blood sugar.

(*before starting on an exercise routine, always seek approval from your physician).

Diabetes Diet

Option Early Morning Breakfast Mid Morning Lunch Evening Dinner Bedtime
early morning breakfast mid morning lunch evening dinner bedtime
1 Tea or Coffee (with 1% fat milk) Wheat flakes, 1 % fat milk Apple Brown Rice, Mixed Veg Khadi (no pakora), Bhindi sabzi/palya, Cucumber salad, Buttermilk (Chaach) Sprouted Black Channa Chaat Whole Wheat Phulkas/ Rotis (no oil/ghee), Palak tofu, Mixed Veg Salad, Yogurt (Fat free) Milk (1%fat)
2 Walnuts Veg upma (less oil) Apricot Whole Wheat Phulkas/ Rotis(no oil/ghee), Carrot Peas Sabzi/palya, Dal fry, Tomato raita Baked Vegetarian Cutlets Brown rice, Capsicum Curry, Veg Sambar, Tomato salad, Yogurt (fat free) Marie lite
3 Karela juice Vegetable sandwiches (100% whole wheat bread) Grapefruit Kichidi (with mixed veg), Khadi (no pakora), Steamed broccoli( with salt/pepper) Sprouted Moong Dal Ragi Rotis, Dal Palak, Beans Sabzi/palya, Mixed Veg raita Rusks
4 Green tea Dalia porridge, (with 1% fat milk,no sugar) Papaya 100% Whole Wheat Tortillas, Grilled Chicken, Tomato Salsa, Green Salad Idli with sambar Brown rice, Collard Greens Sabzi/palya, Channa masala, Cabbage and green papaya salad Ragi porridge/kanji
5 Wheat grass juice Oatmeal porridge (with 1% fat milk,no sugar) Canteloupe Clear Tomato soup, Wheat rolls, Tuna Salad, Yogurt (fat free) Baked Beans on toast (100% wheat bread) Whole Wheat Turkey Wrap, Asparagus stir-fry, Cucumber salad Milk (1%fat)

Complex carbohydrates from whole grains combined with good amounts of fiber and low quantities of fats are great recipes to control your blood sugar. Consult with your dietitian to monitor your diet according to your blood glucose levels.

Click here to consult our Expert Dietician for a personalized Diabetes Diet .
Veg Wholesome Meal

1/2 bowl chana pulav + 1 katori french beans veg + 1 katori palak raita + Applepear

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