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 Diet for Teenagers

Diet for Teenagers

Teenage is the most difficult phase for all parents. Teenagers are prone to be rebellious and also tend to be influenced by their peers. Getting them to avoid ‘junk food’ and soda is almost next to impossible. The best bet is to strike a healthy balance by being a little creative and trying to create interesting but healthy versions of foods that your teenagers love. The diet needs to be diverse, yet should provide all the nutrients required for growth and development.

Diet for Teenagers

Option Breakfast Mid Morning Lunch Evening Dinner
breakfast mid morning lunch evening dinner
1 Mooli Parathas
Yogurt (fat free)
Dry fruits Panchranga pulao
Paneer shashlik
Mint raitha
Cocktail khakra Whole Wheat Rotis
Dum Arbi
Channa Masala
Carrot Salad
2 Toovar methi na dhokla
Mint chutney
Dates chutney
Trail mix Paushtik roti
Khumb kali mirch
Beans salad
Yogurt (fat free)
Mango lassi Mushroom Pulao
Pindi channa
Mixed veg raita
3 Duet Uttapa
Veg Sagu
Fig bars Veg burger (whole wheat buns)
Fruit and lettuce salad
Yogurt (Fat Free)
Fruit kebabs Brown Rice
Raw Banana Curry
Sambar (Pigeon Pea Dish)
Cucumber Salad
4 Nachini(Ragi) Pancakes
Coriander Chutney
Milk (1% Fat) Veg Fried Rice
Orange Baked Chicken
Apple and Celery Salad
Spicy Sprouts Sandwich Whole Wheat Tortillas
Mexican Beans
Tomato Salsa
Yogurt (Fat Free)
5 Jam and Fruit Pancake
Mixed nuts Spinach Mushroom Lasagna
Grilled Chicken
Waldorf Salad
100% Orange Juice
Apple Shake Chicken and Vegetable Soup
Wheat Crackers
Hawaiian Salad

This stage of rapid growth and development can go awry if your eating habits go wrong. Eat heartily but sensibly like some of the sample meal plans given above.

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Veg Wholesome Meal

One 6 inch vegetable salad sub sandwich with low fa dressings.

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