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Diet During Pregnancy

 Diet During Pregnancy

Diet During Pregnancy
Pregnancy is a wonderful phase in every woman's life. It is important that the mother takes good care of self and her growing baby through a healthy diet. Pregnancy is definitely not the time to go on a 'weight-loss' diet, but neither should one use this period to indulge in overeating 'junk food'. Diet during pregnancy requires special attention. For a healthy pregnancy the body needs extra nutrients not just to meet the needs of the growing baby, but also for the mother in order to store adequate resources for the lactation period.

Eating smaller meals and incorporating healthy snacks in between meals can meet the increased nutrient requirements during pregnancy. Constipation is a common problem for most women during this period, so diet during pregnancy should have high fiber content with emphasis on whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables is important.

Some women also experience 'morning sickness', so it would be a good idea to nibble on some dry food items before getting up from bed and also drinking liquids about half an hour before the meal.

Foods pregnant women should avoid to prevent nausea are greasy, oily foods and thick, creamy gravies.

Diet for a healthy pregnancy should be a well-balanced diet which will undoubtedly provide all the extra nutrients that the growing baby needs during pregnancy. It is also a good idea to incorporate light exercise (before starting on an exercise routine, always seek approval from your physician) during this period.

Diet for Pregnant Women

Option Early Morning Breakfast Mid Morning Lunch Evening Dinner Bedtime
  breakfast mid morning lunch late noon snackesdinner bedtime
1 Whole Wheat Toast Healthy Idlis with Green Chutney Apple Shake Methi Paneer Parathas with lemon pickle and a bowl of litchis for dessert. Wheat Laddoo Oats Dalia with Curds Apple
2 Saltine Crackers Baked beans on toast and a glass of ginger lemonade. Masala Chaach Phulkas with Kamal Kakri Kofta Curry  and a bowl of cucumber salad Carrot Kheer Oat Idli with Rasam A glass of kesar milk
3 Rusk Paushtik Roti with Curds Ginger Lime Sprouted Moong Pulao along with Mint Raita Besan Laddoo Brown Rice With Spinach A glass of hot milk with a teaspoon of honey
4 Salted Biscuits High Energy Poha with Buttermilk Raw mango panna Wheat Pasta with Vegetables Fruity Salad Chickpeas and Soya Tikkis with Mint Chutney A glass of soya milk
5 Glucose Biscuits Muesli with Fruit Yogurt Fig Banana Smoothie Rajma Chawal with Cucumber Raita Spinach Dhokla Pasta Salad with clear tomato soup A glass of warm badam  milk

A wholesome nutritious diet lays the foundation for a good pregnancy and a healthy baby. It is vital that you take good care of what you eat all through your three trimesters and consult a diet expert for a customised diet plan.

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Veg Wholesome Meal

A quarter plate of hash browns with a bowl of clear tomato soup.

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