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Ideal Fitness Regime for Pregnant Women

Should a pregnant woman maintain up an active workout program while carrying her baby? Yes, if she follows some guidelines. Guidelines for a prenatal workout program should take into consideration the woman's primary fitness level.

Sports Climbing For Fitness

Sports Climbing is an exciting fitness regime to build strength and endurance.

Move with the Times - New Fitness Trends

Move with the times-new fitness trends Bored with the same fitness routines? Are you a fitness freak who gets bored doing the same exercises day in and day out?

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Gold Is Affordable with DesiDieter

Get In Shape With Best Deal - Package for Just 999INR / $19.99/-. DesiDieter believes weight management should not be expensive. Our objective is to make you lose weight with the most cost effective plans. Our experts also strongly recommend hand held weight management regime for individual trying

Get In Shape with DesiDieter Silver Package

DesiDieter has improved the way you lose weight. Now, we consider your BMI and Basal Metabolism prior to generating a diet plan.   Our Diet Generator is upgraded more scientifically. Now, you can generate weight loss diet plans based upon your calorie requirements as per your body’s act

Start Losing Weight - Get in Shape

This may sound like a tabloid preaching but it is a scientific fact: Eat More, Lose More.   You didn't have time to eat breakfast, and you got so busy with work or errands that you missed lunch; now it's about 2 p.m. and your tummy is grumbling. Didn’t pack a tiffin and so you hit the

New Heart Care Packages From DesiDieter launches Online Heart Care Package for Asian population, conscious of dietary management to maintain good heart health. Realizing the high incidence of lifestyle diseases amongst Asians, DesiDieter team introduces the Online Heart Care Package, just for Rs. 1499/- for its premium memb

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