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Well I had great experience when I got my reading done from Jeetika Duneja. Well I must say that she understood my apprehensions and my difficulties quiet well and she asked all the right kind of question To resolve my problems and give me the right solutions.

I was quiet impressed and the remedies that she told were very simple and quiet fruitful.

I wish her best for future.
Gaurav chhibbar


Hi Tina

I had the session with Jeetika and found it good. She speaks very politely. We discussed weight loss and professional success.

Theta healing is a new concept. I m really excited to see the results but atleast after a weeks time as advised by her. So I am following her advise and waiting.


  I personally had very good experience from Theta Healing . Jeetika was able to help me understand my beliefs and also corrected some beliefs, which helped a lot. Learnt the importance of positive thinking from meditation. I would recommend Theta Healing for good living and for finding inner peace.

  "I started gaining a lot of weight after the birth of my 2nd child and I desperately wanted to lose it. I was always slim and in shape. It was quiet alarming and disheartening to see myself in the mirror. I would surf the web every single day to see if I could find any Indian diet plan. I was extremely happy to come across DesiDieter. I must say that I was not disappointed ever since I signed up with them. The service is beyond excellent and charges very reasonable. I must definitely mention that Tina Khanna and Divya have been very helpful in answering all my emails and queries promptly. Whenever I wake up each morning expecting Tina's email, it sure is there and that is a lot of motivation for me. I managed to drop close to 12 lbs and have a lot to lose. I will continue with DD till I reach my desired goal. I would like to personally thank Divya and Tina for the excellent and professional service they offer without a single complaint. There would be days when I would send Tina multiple emails and she would answer even the silliest of questions so promptly.

Keep up the great work Tina!!

  Dear DESIDIETER .. Warm greetings..I wish to inform you that i received the GLUCOMETER sent by you( as a reward for my participation in GIS-2012.) Thank you so much.. Now weightloss become more fun filled and easy with your super brain programmes...Keep the goodworks goes on. Regards, Giri.

  Thanks to the smart brains behind GIS-11 for setting an unique and complete weight management programme.Now weight loss become more easier and funfilled.We have a team here to monitor our daily activities,Likes&gifts to motivate us and at last superb blogs by our friends ..WOW..I am enjoying..I invite all to be a part of this nice journey.PPQ,BMI,Health age and Daily tips all these factors made GIS unique and worth going..


I have tried to lose weight dozens of times before GIS 2011. But this concept of "Eat more loss weight" works for me. The support the members gave was more than weight loss for me.The blogs section helped me to gain indepth knowledge on various aspects of healthy living. I certainly assure that those tools were powerful, invincible, that you can achieve whatever you want in life.


GIS 2011 was an innovative and fun way to stay fit. The daily checklist particularly helped me to monitor my fruit and vegetable intake which was lacking previously. Also the spirit of the competition and the prize ;) was a motivator to  maintain the daily checklist parameters. Overall with motivated fellow desidieters and and bloggers it was a fun experiece. Thanks to the wonderfull team at Desi Dieter for a conducting a great competition.

  Thank you IL and GIS Team for starting this contest. I adopted a new healthy lifestyle because of this contest. All the best for the participants to reach their goal. Thanks everybody for providing their schedule and tips, it motivated me to stay focused on my goal.

As I mentioned in my goal, I still see this contest as gaining healthy life style rather than losing weight.

Here I am with my experience during the contest. It helped me a lot in strictly following the diet and workout schedule. The best part was I went for walk whenever the sky was clear during the storm. Now the fruits are integral part of my meal and I know how to control the portion of intake. Now I reduced the cooking quantity to half and still feeling stomach full for every meal. I can see the change in my husband's habits too. It's true that the lady of the home plays vital role in family following good food habits. We didn't eat out throughout the month even on important occasions instead prepared lots of good meals at home. I can see the glow in my skin because of drinking more water. Sorry for long post, there are lots of improvements to mention.

  Thanks to Indusladies and Desidieter for coming up with such a contest, where myself and many IL friends were able to start with a good healthy lifestyle, which includes a regular exercise.
I am happy that I joined this group from the beginning.

  This is a wonderful site and I feel proud to be a part of it.

  Thanks to all. This is a really good idea of tracking our daily necessary activities.

This healthy competition helps to start a habit of drinking more water in these days, now it is my one of my habits drinking lot of water daily which is good for health.

Thanks to Indusladies and

Your Daily tips are really helpful for me. You are doing a good job of motivating people to stay healthy.

I have lost some pounds of weight so far. Thankfully!

  In this one month, I learnt healthy eating habits/tips/recipes, necessity of physical exercises, requirement of water and importance of sleep to our body. Not only me, but my family members are also taking more veggies and fruits these days. Whenever I call up any of my relatives/friends, if we happen to talk about food/wt. loss, I share some of the health tips given here with them. Hope to see the inspired ones in this site soon.

Thanks to the whole team for the encouragement and support provided.

Wish you all Healthy & Happy living

  Thanks again to Indus Ladies and DesiDieter for this chance to be a part of a group of people who are working towards similar goals. It has helped me and motivated me to try to stick to the 4 daily factors being evaluated - exercise, diet, water consumption and sleep - which has produced some benefits which will motivate me to keep up with these habits.

The net effect is that I have met my goal of losing at least a pound a week, since I have lost 6 pounds.

The other benefit I have experienced relates to my legs. I was unable to climb stairs or stand or walk for more than a few minutes at a time. My rheumatologist recommended that I do stationary biking and January 2010 is the first month that I have consistently kept up this exercise, due to your challenge. Keeping this in mind you would appreciate how important it is for me to say that I am feeling more flexibility in my left knee and strength in the muscles of my legs since I have regularly been working out on the stationary bike for your challenge, for as many minutes as my legs will let me each day.

So, for me the benefits are already evident and I am going to continue further and try to achieve my goal of shedding another 80 pounds or so this year.

Thanks again, and all the best to the other ladies who have kept up the momentum of the challenge and inspired me with their consistent and commendable efforts.

  This contest has been a huge learning experience for me. I made a food diary where I was writing my daily food intake, exercise, and water intake. Within days it helped me to see my weak areas and how to improve my eating habits and routine.

I am very satisfied and happy with the result. During this month I didn't get hunger pangs coz I was eating at regular intervals and eating healthy. I m going for 1 hr of pilates class 3 times a weeks and I am doing 30 mins aerobics at home 3 times a week with DVD.

I know that I can sustain this lifestyle for a long time to come. I don't have to starve myself or give up any kind of food. If I don't exercise for 1 day then I make up for it the next day or I just go for a walk.

The golden mantra which I learnt in this contest is moderate and regular intake of food and liquids and regular movement of the body, in whatever way possible.

I said in the beginning of this contest.....we are gonna do it......and yes girls, we did it

Congratulations to all participants and GIS team.

  Today being the last day of the contest, I thank DesiDieter's team first, for giving this wonderful opportunity to change all of our diet patterns. I really enjoyed this and would like to have the balanced diet forever.

See u in other contests.

I am glad to inform you that my diet has improved so much after joining this contest and can continuously maintain the fruit and veggie part which I was not regular before. Consumption of Junk food is also cut totally.

I am going to check my weight tomorrow and can record the BMI after that.

Thanks for your constant motivation. Keep it up!!!

  I have just completed the 30 days of success in achieving weight loss in a healthy way. I can't believe that I have just done it. An opportunity knocked and I grabbed it. And got success overwhelmed. My old cloths do fit now and I am so happy for that matter.

I want to continue it being more creative day after day until I achieve my final aim of this year.

  I am extremely happy to be the part of this thread. I have seen significant changes in my eating habits; though I have fallen to temptation. But I try to overcome it by making salads/soups; my next meal. Also I am doing 30 mts exercises daily and drinking 6 plus glasses of water daily.

Thanks for helping me to help me:)))

  I really appreciate Indusladies and Desidieter for providing us this option to measure our fitness and bring to our conscious, the importance of health and fitness.

The contest had given me an opportunity to improve my commitment towards balancing my fitness along with my usual chores at home as well as work.

All the way through the contest, it was so exciting about the fruitful results. I was mentally happy that I wasn't ignoring my food which used to happen when I used to work more in other seasons when there was not much work at the work place.

Now, I got so used to the food plan that I had planned out at the beginning of this contest. I don't have to make an extra effort in deciding what to eat for a healthy reason.

Thanks Desidieter and Indusladies. Irrespective of the contest, I will be continuing my schedule.

  I was 96.5 Kg in 4 months ago and I am 84 Kg and still going to a target of 75 Kg, Divya (Desidieter) is my Nutrionist for diet management, and she has been doing a wonderful job, by keeping constant supervision and timely control of the diet plan.
I believe that there are two things necessary for healthy weight/fat loss, Balanced Diet and Regular Exercise, these are a MUST, and Divya has been extraordinary at the Diet part of it. I will recommend her as a Nutrionist."

  Im very glad to be in DD. It is a good way of keeping myself healthy. I would love to have diet plans to keep myself fit...........

  DesiDieter has helped me relearn the correct eating habits and been my guide through my weight loss journey. Its been an exhilarating experience and am thrilled to have been progressing in my weight loss even on my vacations. Thanks again to your team and good luck.

  Hi, I am Sandeep Chaudhary and i have joined this community only few minutes back and I have already became the biggest fan of these guys.I just wana say that you guys are doing great job and please let me know if I can be any kind of help.Thanks once again for such a valuable contribution to the society.

  I'm from the nutrition field and i appreciate your efforts to customize the diets for Indians...In your nutrition section, along with dietary guidance, the emphasis that has been laid on the physical fitness is commendable!! The holistic concept of good health (nutritious food, healthy and active lifestyle, importance of destressing and finally going back to our age old ayurveda wisdom is your USP....Keep up the endeavours !

  I personaaly liked the premature greying of hair section -the best..Thanks to ur effort!

  Hey you guys. Guinea Pig # 38 is doing well. Now lost 15 pounds in 12 weeks. I cant believe it. This diet WORKS!!! Move over Shika Sharma and VLCC. A new star is born.

  Thank you Aprajita auntie for making me nice recipes for making my teeth and bones strong. I really like them.

  Thank u desidieter. lost 6 kgs in 1 mnth. And never gave up my favorite foods. love u guys. keep it up.

  Thank you so much for your help in explaining my various options for my kid. It really helped. She is eating well now. THANK YOU.

  I was one of Aprajita s Guinea Pigs. Number 38. Lost 7 kgs following the Ayurveda Diet in 8 weeks. I can believe it!!! Thanks Aprajita.

  Hey Girish. Thanks for the help. I have lost 10 pounds and feel fitter than ever before. I am now running 5 miles easily. Appreciate your relentless support.

  Avinash forced me to take the Rapid Weight Loss Diet as his Guinea Pig 3 months back. I have lost 15 pounds in 3 cycles. And I had food that I normally eat anyway. This is great. I am looking forward to the other products to be rolled out. Thanks team and keep it up.

  PS - all 42 of us were called Guinea Pig 1, 2, 3 etc. How sad!!

  It s really work.i really appreciate this site

  The Recipes are Interesting and Easy to Understand.

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