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Diet for Overweight Kids

 Diet for Overweight Kids

Diet for Overweight Kids

Putting a child on a diet for overweight children is a tricky thing to do. It is not just cruel, but could also affect the psychology of the child to watch the rest of the family enjoying the food that the child is asked to avoid. Instead, opt for making healthy meals for the whole family. With childhood obesity now on the rise, the best approach to helping a child is to lead by example. Making healthy choices for the whole family will help in dealing with childhood obesity, rather than by singling out the child by making him eat a diet for overweight children. Don't make your child do some exercises that he is not interested in but instead choose some outdoor sports or activities that the whole family can enjoy. Avoid snacking or having meals in front of the television. This way the child will not feel singled out and in the bargain, the whole family will be on the path to good health.

Diet for Overweight Kids

Option Breakfast Mid Morning Lunch (Packed) Evening Dinner
breakfast mid_morning kids_packed_lunch evening snacks dinner
1 Whole Wheat Bagel, Almond Butter, Strawberries Tangerine Carrot idlis, Sambar (with veggies), Fruit and lettuce salad, Yogurt (fat free) Soy milk Whole Wheat Chapathis/ Rotis (no oil/ghee), Channa masala, Alu methi, Tomato Raita, Apple
2 Oats Porridge (1% milk), Bananas Pineapple Whole Wheat Spinach Pasta in Marinara sauce, Steamed veggies, Yogurt (fat free) Tomato soup Brown rice, Masoor dal, Carrot and beans curry, Cucumber Salad, Fresh Apricots
3 Dosa, Sambar, Mint chutney, Black berries Watermelon Chicken Sandwich (100%wheat bread), Tomato salad, Yogurt (fat free) Fruit kababs Bisi Bele Bath, Mixed Veg raita, Buttermilk (low fat), Banana
4 Bread Upma (100% wheat bread), Papaya Canteloupe Veg Fried Rice (less oil), Tofu stir fry, Green Salad, Yogurt (fat free) Almond Milk Spinach Rice, Moong Usal, Masala chaach, Cherries
5 Vegetable Sandwich (100% wheat bread), Yogurt (fat free) Papaya Broccoli & Mushroom Steamed Rice, 4 Bean Salad, Blueberries Baked Tortilla Chips, Guacamole Chicken Noodle Soup, Shitake Mushrooms on Greens, Apple and celery salad, Buttermilk (low fat)

If you want to prevent your child from having an adult disease, you can do it by managing the weight of your child better. Teach your child by setting an example of doing the right thing for healthy weight, and watch your child blossom into a healthy adult!

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Veg Wholesome Meal

cup of Almond milk with a bowl of clay pot rice and boiled veggies

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