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Diet for Underweight Kids

 Diet for Underweight Kids

Diet for Underweight Kids

The pediatrician will be the best person to decide whether your child is underweight or just experiencing a growth spurt. Only if the child's BMI falls below the 5th percentile, is he/she considered to be 'underweight' and will require a diet for underweight children.

The key to planning a diet for underweight children is to include 'nutrient dense' foods at frequent intervals, throughout the day. Expecting the child to eat large portions of food at a time is unreasonable and will only make the child detest meal times. Planning a wholesome diet along with 'nutrient dense' foods will ensure that the child does not develop any deficiency diseases.

Diet for Underweight Kids

Option Breakfast Mid Morning Lunch Evening Dinner
breakfast mid morning lunch Evening dinner
1 Quick Rava dhoklas (with veggies), Strawberries Potato tikki sandwich Mung dal and Carrot pulav, Flavoured yogurt Banana Milkshake, Paneer Tikkis Besan Radish Parathas, Mint Raita
2 Soy Upma, Raspberries Paneer Veggie Pasta Cauliflower Rajmah Parathas, Yogurt Dry fruit milkshake, Alu Chaat Veg & Lentil Pulav, Khadi
3 Power Packed Cereal, Bananas* Paneer rolls Chicken Biryani, Yogurt Mixed fruit Smoothie, Chickpea tikkis Veg green pea parathas, Tomato raitha
4 Power poha, Plum* Tricolour Pasta* Rainbow Parathas, Yogurt Banana Milkshake, Corn and Cheese Toast Whole Wheat Rotis, Channa Masala, Beans Curry
5 Multi Grain Pancakes, Blueberry Sauce, Strawberries String Cheese Grilled Walnut Cornmeal Chicken, Papaya pudding Apple Shake, Date and Nut pie Khao phat (Thai fried rice), Sweet and sour vegetables
Please Note:
*Power packed Cereal is made up of rolled oats, dry fruits & cornflakes.
*Power poha is made up poha, kabuli channa & rajma.
*Pessaratu is made up of moong dal & rice flour.
*Tricolour pasta is made up of pasta, onions, tomatoes & capsicum.
*Healthy rainbow paranthas are made up of wheat flour, rice flour, sprouted moong & vegetables.
*Wholesome kichidi is made up of rice, moong dal, bottle gourd & carrot
*Quesadillas are made up of maize flour, paneer & vegetables.

Feeding high fat and high sugar foods to an underweight child is not the best way to gain pounds. Healthy options given in these meals will give adequate nutrition and will help your child to increase weight gradually, if your child is physically fit.

Click here to consult our Expert Dietician for a personalized Diet for Underweight Kids.
Veg Wholesome Meal

1/2 bowl chana pulav + 1 katori french beans veg + 1 katori palak raita + Applepear

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