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 Diet for Jaundice

Diet for Jaundice

Jaundice is not a disease but actually a symptom of some other possible disease. There is no proven diet for jaundice, but generally a diet rich in complex carbohydrates, low in fat and providing adequate amounts of proteins is desirable. For this reason including whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables and including vegetarian sources of proteins is a good idea. Nausea is a common problem so drinking fluids at least half an hour before or after meals would be advisable in such cases.

Diet for Jaundice

Option Early Morning Breakfast Mid Morning Lunch Evening Dinner
early morning breakfast mid morning lunch evening dinner
1 Barley Water Double Fibre Bread
Fruit Preserve
Cream of Tomato Soup Brown rice
Radish Sabzi(with leaves)
Dal fry
Masala chach
Coconut water Whole Wheat Phulkas/ Rotis (no ghee/oil)
Alu methi
Channa dal with ghia
Sweet potato pineapple salad
2 100% Grape juice Dalia porridge
Cream of Spinach soup Curd Rice
Cabbage and peas curry
Lobia and corn salad
Watermelon juice Wheat rolls
Mixed veg stew
Chickpea salad
3 Carrot Tomato Juice Oats Idli
Mint chutney
Strawberry Soup Brown rice
Brinjal bhurta
Washed moong dal
Radish Salad
Green Tea Bhuni Kichidi
Cucumber salad
4 Beetroot Carrot Juice Semolina Porridge
Cool Cucumber Soup Bisi bele bhath
Mixed Veg Raita (Side Dish Made With Yogurt)
Mixed Fruits
Chammomile Tea Brown Rice
Majjige Huli
Palak Dal Curry (Spinach and red Gram Curry)
Crunchy Vegetable Salad
5 Wheat Grass Juice Vegetable Sandwich (100% Wheat Bread)
Cream of Mixed Veg Soup Wheat Pasta in Marinara Sauce
Italian Zucchini
Fruit and Lettuce Salad
Yogurt (Fat Free)
Sugarcane Juice Whole Wheat Flat Bread
Roasted Vegetables
4 Bean Salad
Tomato Salsa

This is quite a common occurrence in India, particularly in children.  A well planned diet can not only take care of your symptoms, but can also help you recover faster from the problem.

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