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Popular Recipes

 Popular Recipes

Indian Recipes
Popular Indian Dishes from Various States of India
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left Indian food is a favorite all over the world. It is healthy, it is tasty, and it is more than just curries! The food in India differs considerably from one state to another. Try out our delightful Indian Vegetarian and Indian Non-Vegetarian recipes from various parts of the country. right
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 Non Vegetarian
Cuisines of the World Recipes
Popular Recipes from Your Favorite World-Cuisine
Cuisines of the World
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left DesiDieter brings to you flavours from all over the world from a number of different cusines. Find our healthy, tasty, and easy to prepare recipes, hand picked especially for you, from your favorite international cuisine. right
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Low Sodium Recipes
Less than 200mg Sodium
Low Sodium
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left Sodium controls fluid balance and blood pressure. Many heart patients are advised to have a low sodium diet to control their blood pressure. A normal diet should contain a maximum of 2400mg Sodium. Here we give you recipes with a sodium content of less than 200 mg per serving. right
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  Chicken Fried Rice
  Eggplant (Japanese Style)
  Glazed Vegetables
  Glazed Carrots
  Herb and Cheese Mashed Potatoes
Low Carb Recipes
Less than 30g Carbohydrate
Low Carb
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left Low Carb diets restrict calorie intake by reducing the amount of carbohydrates in the diet. An average diet should contain about 300g of Carbohydrates. Our Low Carb Recipes are wholesome and contain less than 30g of Carbohydrates per serving; suitable for any Low Carb diet that you may be on. right
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  Brussels Sprouts Fry
  Chicken Souvlaki with Tzatziki Sauce
  Cucumber Summer Salad
  Fruit and Cheese Salad
  Fruity Sangria Mushroom Salad
Low Fat Recipes
Less than 10g Fat
Low Fat
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left Fat is an essential component of any diet. However, a high fat diet does have a role to play in obesity and overweight. The following section gives you healthy and delicious recipes with less than 10g of healthy fat per serving. right
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  Chicken Stew
  Chickpea Salad
  Glazed Root Vegetables
  Green Salad with Orange Sauce
  Lobia and Corn Salad
Desserts Recipes
Health Desserts from all Over the World
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left No meal is complete without desserts and the idea of having a healthy dessert appeals to almost everybody. Browse through this section to learn how to make healthy desserts and know exactly how many calories it will provide. right
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  Apple Cake
  Apple Cinnamon Pie
  Apple Cranberry Crisp
  Apple Mousse
  Apple Snowball
Children's Favourite Recipes
Wholesome dishes for Fussy Kids
Children's Favourite
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left Ask anyone with a child how difficult it is to please them with food. Children have a high requirement of proteins, vitamins and minerals and to make things worse, they are fussy about eating. Click here to see some great recipes exclusively for kids which they will love!! right
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  Chocolate Mousse
  Devilled Eggs
  Egg Custard
  Fruity Tofu Smoothie
  Grilled Tofu Wraps
Soups & Beverages Recipes
Hot and Cold Soups and Beverages
Soups & Beverages
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left An integral part of any diet, soups and beverages also make for a good wholesome snack. Look at our wide range of recipes for both hot and cold soups and beverages. right
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  Apple Shake
  Avocado and Cilantro Soup
  Banana-Berry Fruit Smoothie
  Banana-Orange-Strawberry Fruit Shake
  Beach Tropicana