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Lose Weight Without Exercise. Lose Weight Without Exercise.

DesiDieter does not have a fitness trainer, anymore. We observed that most of our clients were too lazy or simply did not have will/time to follow exercise ritual passionately.

We have changed our approach to being fit. ′It is all in the mind′. Train your mind first and the rest will follow.

So, now we condition your mind to exercise. Theta Healing sessions motivates you to appreciate your body and work towards tiny goals in keeping it fit.

Here is an approach from ′Theta Healing Rhythm- For Finding Your Perfect Weight′.

Exercise Without Exercising by Vianna Stibal.

Guide yourself through this process:

  1. Find some music you love and exercise to it six or ten times. You can do whatever you want or can. But it should be aerobic and you should enjoy doing it. This will anchor that music in every cell of your body.
  2. Then download the feeling and knowing that every time you play the music your body will think that it is exercising.
  3. Then take it a step further and download that your body was exercising every time you heard the music in the past.
  4. Play the song at least three times a week and if you can exercise to it as much.

After a while, just listening to that music will make you want to exercise. And every time you listen to it, your body will think it is supposed to be exercising and will release weight.

This approach was adopted by Theta Healing creator Vianna Stibal and we at DesiDieter offer this guided counseling to all our clients to imbibe.

Diet plays an important aspect in your weight management. We will monitor what you eat at DesiDieter but are plans are not rigid. Wholesome and flexibility is our genre.

The diet experts at DesiDieter give significance to pre and post workout meals and also prescribe several calorie burning foods.

For instance, drinking a few sips of fresh beetroot juice before a cardio work out ensures a good performance and no fatigue session. Similarly drinking homemade whey water (strained water left after curdling milk to make cottage cheers/paneer) is excellent post workout drink.

DesiDieter experiences good feedback after Theta Healing and Diet counseling combined sessions from its members. Our program is unique and concept very transparent. Enroll, imbibe and enjoy our experience.


  • Emma
    Weight diminishment, with respect to pharmaceutical, prosperity, or physical wellbeing, implies a lessening of the total weight, as a result of a mean loss of fluid, muscle to fat remainders or fat tissue or slim mass, specifically bone mineral stores, muscle, tendon, and other connective tissue.
    2017-10-09 04:01:58
  • warren
    Eating routine plays a critical angle in your weight administration. We will screen what you eat at DesiDieter yet are plans are not inflexible. Dissertation Help Online . Healthy and adaptability is our class.
    2017-09-08 23:44:20
  • Stephen
    For example, drinking a couple of tastes of crisp beetroot squeeze before a cardio work out guarantees a decent execution and no weakness session. Additionally drinking hand crafted whey water (stressed water left subsequent to turning sour drain to make cabin cheers/paneer) is incredible post exercise drink. UK Essay
    2017-08-25 23:43:21
  • Aaron
    trying to loose weight without exercising can be a very costly venture. Things usually become difficult if you realize that the weight is gaining and not decreasing. pay for dissertation
    2017-08-24 05:21:26

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