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Coconut Biscuits Til Roti Karanji Healthy Energy Oatmeal Grilled Walnut Cornmeal Chicken Mint Pulav Fruit Custard Legumes with Husk (Moong, Urad, Moth and Masoor) Steamed Apple Pudding Poached Egg Rice Pudding Lemon Rice Fried Chicken with Tomatoes Sauce Orange Cream Tarts Chocolate Burfi Black Channa Chaat Cucumber Onion Raita Malai Chicken Tikka Methi Pulav Spiced Cauliflower Gravy Mutton Chop Hummus (a middle-eastern bread pread): (portions-3-4) Peanut Biscuits Grilled Chicken Wraps Avocado and Cilantro Soup Akbari Paneer Sweet Boondi Plain Omelette Gajar Methi Low Carb Chocolate Mousse Gatte Ka Pulao Papaya Smoothia Gujarathi Kadi Baked Vegetables Karuvepila Rice Sweet Kachori Carrot Burfi Apple Cake Khoa and Coconut Pancake Sprouted Methi Salad Chicken/Vegetable Biriyani Vegetable Sandwich Anjeer Basundi Akki Roti Melon Quench (yield: 250 ml) Achappam Masala Moth Beans Frosty Fruit Salad Oat Heart Pink Beauty (yield: 200 ml)
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