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Lose Weight Without Exercise.

DesiDieter does not have a fitness trainer, anymore. We observed that most of our clients were too lazy or simply did not have will/time to follow exercise ritual passionately.... Read more

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DesiDieter soon To Launch Holistic Nutrition and Healing Program To Lose Weight

DesiDieter believes that to lose weight, more needs to be done. We now approach a new concept of opening blocked channels in your body, to help you further with your weight loss efforts.... Read more

Feel Energetic With Right Diet

DesiDieter experts give advice on how to increase stamina with right diet. The foods you eat impacts your energy levels and good food can bring out the best in you.... Read more

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3 Weeks 3 Kgs Down

Lose some, lose more. Cut down on your calories and start seeing weight loss. The dietitian will aim to cut down unwanted calories from the diet in first week.... Read more

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What are Carbohydrates?

Carbohydrates have been targeted by various diet communities as the culprit of obesity. Well, this may be true but all carbs are not bad. They have to be eaten wisely.... Read more

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