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"Honesty is Healing!" says our Theta Healer Jeetika

It is best to let your emotions passé. You are angry; so be it, don′t suppress your fury. You are sad, allow yourself to be gloomy. But, Jeetika reminds that after you wallow in your emotions for a while, get up and move on. Feel fresh and restart-rejuvenated.

Most, of us don′t do that. We sulk, crib, and indulge in negative self-talk; forever. Result, insomnia, anxiety, depression, stress and weight gain.

This is why; DesiDieter discovered that Theta Healing helps us help you, more.

Take Jeetika′s advice; let us heal you better, from within. Crystal Packages are our suggestion! Try our Healing Sessions and feel the difference in the way you "Eat, Love, Pray"!

Why Sessions On Healing On A Weight Loss Platform?
Excess weight is because of suppressed emotions believes Tina
Heal your body by detoxing your emotions. Says, Jeetika

What Does The Crystal Package Include?
Our expert will perform guided meditation sessions or perform Reiki or healing sessions or do Tarot Reading for you. This depends upon your requirement, your physical or emotional pain. It is a counselling session over Skype wherein you talk to our expert. Tell her one problem that really bothers you. She determines how to heal you.

How Will This Service Help Me?
You will certainly feel lighter, happier. Try it and see. Crystal Blue Package is a one hour session for just 9.99$. Experience it and see.

Who Is Jeetika?
Jeetika Duneja is a natural Psychic and works closely with the Powerful Angelic Realm, Ascended Masters, Guardian Angels, Fairies as well as Animal Spirit Guides to heal all aspects of human life. Angels are Beings of Light from the 7th dimension and higher. The angelic realms come from the heart of God and do not have free will as we do. Their will is the divine will.

Jeetika is certified in Theta healing where theta is the state of mind where it is believed we can create everything and change reality instantly. There are five main frequency brain waves Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta and Gamma. These brain waves are in constant motion as the brain produces consistent waves at all frequencies. Theta state is a state of very deep relaxation. She is certified in different modules in Theta healing.

Jeetika is certified in Reiki healing, Bach flower therapy, Dream interpretation & Aura scanning too. Her spiritual journey started about 9 yrs ago when she attended a workshop on past life regression and ended up learning different modules of healing. Now she is a professional clairvoyant, Spiritual counsellor and a compassionate healer.

Is Online Diet Plans A Part Of Crystal Package?
No. Crystal Package is simple healing program. But, Gold Package is best to take diet consultation service from Tina Khanna for three months. She is our Online Diet Expert. She enjoys following up with you on WhatsApp.

She is a nutrition expert with 10 years of experience in the field of weight management and health industry. With expertise in the field of content writing and online diet consultation, she also offers guidance to clients in practical approach to adopting healthy living from her base in Noida (Delhi/NCR).



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