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Why Should I Yoga Why Should I Yoga

Yoga is not just an exercise routine. It is ritual adopted to modify the way you breathe, digest, sleep and emote.

Is yoga actually the miracle medicine many celebrities swear by? Well, let us read:
1.    Incase you suffer from musculoskeletal aches and pains, yoga exercises may bring relief improving posture, balance and flexibility. But, yoga does cure any orthopaedic conditions.
2.    The primary focus of yoga is to bring about relaxation. Your heart rate and blood pressure should be lowered when you finish your yoga exercise and not vice-versa. It is not about doing the most cumbersome postures easily; yoga is about easing the body and mind.
3.    Yoga helps strengthen the muscles that have been weakened due to lack of activity.
4.    The exercises and stretching of yoga exercises helps to ease muscular tightness.
5.    The meditative activities in yoga help relieve anxiety and improve tolerance to stress.
6.    Health experts identify the benefits of yoga extending to treating insomnia as well as depression.
Medical experts recognise the potentials of yoga in treating very sick and hospitalised patients. It is beneficial in treating children with cancer and autism. The spectrum of yoga healing is wide and is recognised as being complimentary medicine along with diet and nutrition, massage therapy and more.
There are many things you must keep in mind before starting with any form of physical regime.
In Yoga, before proceeding any further, one must decide, the kind of yoga program you are enrolling for.
In a typical Yoga session stretching over an hour, make sure that you feel absolutely comfortable with every practice.
Check Out Yoga Video
The Essence Of Yoga
Although in present times, Yoga is largely adapted as a medium of fitness and relaxation, it is so much more than that. It is a systematic system that teaches us ways to be physically healthy, mentally relaxed, emotionally stable and spiritually aware. Being so ancient it still holds immense contemporary value because of its uniqueness of being able to cover all aspects of human life by reaching the source of lasting happiness and peace by integrating one’s personality in totality and also explains the methodology to achieve the same.
It is, in this way regarded as a complete science.
Yoga To Reverse Ageing
Research says that facial exercises and body exercises help to tones muscles and stimulate circulation, which can produce, over time, such pleasing visible effects like reduced sagging with smoother and glowing skin. Different yoga asanas, mudras, breathing techniques and meditation tells us the way to accomplish the target of glowing skin. 

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