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Blood group diet is based on the reaction of food we eat with our digestive system. Food items which are good for one blood group can be dangerous for others. To achieve weight loss, making choice of food according to your blood type is very important. A chemical reaction occurs between your blood and food you eat. Lectin present in food causes these reactions. So, the Lectins which are not compatible with your blood type cause different diseases. Whereas, specific Lectins which are beneficial to particular blood type leads to good health. Digestive system and enzymes also contribute to these reactions. This online blood group diet plan will help you not only to lose and maintain weight but also to achieve overall well being. DesiDieter has included Indian food items in online blood group diet to suit Indian and south Asian community.

Type O Blood Group - Type O Blood Group people have high stomach acid and can digest meat and meat product. They must adopt high intensity work out in their daily routine to keep fit. It is strongly recommended to avoid wheat and its products, crusiferous vegetables by Type O people.

Type A Blood Group - Type A Blood Group people must adapt to vegetarian diet. Non-vegetarian food slows down the digestive system and makes them sluggish. They can digest legumes, variety of vegetables, fermented dairy products. Types are prone to stress related problems, so they must include calming exercises in their routine.

Type B Blood Group - Type B Blood Group people can have wide and wholesome variety of food. They can avoid life threatening diseases if they follow their food type. Corn, lentils and sesame seeds cause weight gain in type B. these food groups affect the efficacy of the system, resulting in fatigue, fluid retention and hypoglycemia. Chicken is another food item needs to be eliminated from the diet. It is recommended for Type Bs to choose exercise which challenges their mind and body.

Type AB Blood Group - Type AB Blood Group people have mix reaction with food Lectins. They best digest dairy products along with legumes and pulses, nuts and oil seeds and cereals. Calming exercise along with vigorous activity is advisable fitness regimen for Type ABs.

To generate 14 day online blood group diet, all you have to do is follow five easy steps!

A  Register yourself as a member of desidieter.

B  Upgrade your profile to a Silver/Gold/Special Packages member.

C  Pick your Blood Group and then diet preferences (Veg/Non Veg) and choose as many items from each of the given lists (beverages, mini meal, snacks, fillers and main meal)

D  Click on 'Generate Diet Plan'

E  Print, E-mail or get your 14 day diet report as a PDF!

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