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Reduce Weight

Diet Generators: lose weight the simple way using our unique diet generators. You can choose from the Weight Loss Diet, the Ayurveda Diet or the Indian Diet Plan


Popular Recipes: The first of its kind Indian Database that gives Healthy Recipes along with their Nutritional Information and %RDAs. You can choose from Healthy Eating, Indian Cuisine, Cuisines of the World, Kid’s Favorites, Soups and Beverages and Desserts


Yoga and Fitness Videos: Get started with our Do-It-Yourself videos taking you through Exercises and Yoga asanas step by step.

Pregnant Woman

Special Diets: Get Free diets for conditions like Diabetes, Heart Disease, Childhood Obesity and Lactation.

Woman Fitness

Women Fitness: Get Tips to stay Fit through Exercises, Yoga and Meditation in our special section dedicated to Women Fitness


Home Remedies: Find out how our elders could cure everything from a common cold to a nagging skin trouble in Home Remedies. You can choose from Common Ailments, Skin and Hair Care, Minor Ailments and others.

Veg Wholesome Meal

2 Spinach roti + 1 katori yogurt + 1 tbsp coriander chutney + Peach

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