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The term 'Amnesia' refers to the state where a person faces partial or complete memory loss. The patients of amnesia suffer from forgetfulness and poor memory. The ailment can be broadly classified into types - anterograde and retrograde. While in the former, a person is unable to remember new events, the latter causes him to forget the past events. Amnesia is most commonly found in senior citizens. At times, a severe head injury can also result in amnesia.

Walnut is unique dry fruit valuable in countering brain weakness. About twenty grams of walnuts should be taken every day. The value of walnuts is enhanced if they are taken with figs or raisins in a proportion of ten gram each, everyday.
  • Walnuts
  • Yoga and meditation are also very helpful ways with which you can make your mind more alert and your memory sharp.
  • Avoid drinking too much coffee, alcohol and soft drinks as they have adverse effect on health and your mind too.
  • Avoid processed foods and eat home cooked food as much as you can.
Other Remedies
  • Rosemary is the best herbal treatment for Amnesia. By taking rosemary tea once or twice daily forgetfulness can be treated well.
  • Brahmi booti is another home remedy for amnesia. Grind 7gms of brahmi booti, seven roots of almond and half gram pepper with water and then filter it by adding some sugar for taste. Drink this mixture everyday morning in empty stomach.
  • Almonds are the best treatment for damaged nervous system. Keep about 10-12 almonds into water overnight. In the next morning, prepare a paste by removing the brown skin and add one tsp of butter in it. Take it daily.
  • With a tea spoon of honey, add five seeds of ground black pepper and take it daily (morning and evening). It is a wonderful treatment for Amnesia.
  • Cumin seeds are another valuable treatment for dullness of memory. Mix three grams of black cumin seeds with two tea spoon of honey and have them daily once in the morning. This one is the best home remedy for Amnesia.
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