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Heart beats occur at normal pace and are regular in nature. When these become irregular and strong or forceful, they are known as heart palpitations. It has become a common phenomenon and is seen among both men and women of all age groups. Some of the causes for heart palpitations are stress, incorrect diet, and sometimes unhealthy lifestyle. The other reasons for palpitations are nervousness, increased physical activity, flatulence and excessive smoking.

Finely chop a fresh piece of ginger root and boil for 5 minutes in two cups of water. You may drink hot or cold ginger tea once or twice every day.
  • Ginger
  • The patient suffering from palpitation of heart should take a simple diet of natural foods, with emphasis on fresh fruits, and raw or lightly cooked vegetables.
  • He should avoid tea, coffee, alcohol, chocolate, soft drinks, all white flour products, sugar, food colorings, chemical additives, white rice, and strong condiments.
  • He should restrict his diet to three meals a day. He should take fruits, milk, and a handful of nuts or seeds for breakfast in the morning; steamed vegetables, whole-wheat wheat tortilla and a glass of buttermilk for lunch in the afternoon; and fresh green vegetables salad, sprouts of alfalfa seeds and green gram, and cottage cheese or a glass of buttermilk for dinner.
Other Remedies
  • Before ending your day and going to bed for sleep, drink one glass of water by adding one teaspoon of honey and half cup lemon juice to it. This will cure the palpitations and will not make you nervous anymore.
  • Grapefruit is also effective in treating the palpitations. Drinking grapefruit juice on a daily basis will give relief from the heart palpitations.
  • Prepare the juice from the snake gourd leaves by adding water and have two tablespoon of this juice three times a day. This is one of the very effective home remedies for palpitation.
  • Prepare a health powder by mixing dry coriander leaves, jaggery and aniseed. Having about 6 grams of this powder after every meal will prevent palpitations from happening.
  • Add camphor and cinnamon powder to Indian spikenard and consume three grams of this mixture three times a day.
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