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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by increased pressure on the median nerve. Median nerve is an important nerve on the hand; it gives sensation to thumb, middle, ring and index fingers. This nerve is protected by carpal tunnel. Carpal tunnel syndrome is more common in women than in men. Carpal tunnel syndrome causes numbness and pain in the hand. This syndrome affects hands and wrists.

Carpal tunnel syndrome
Since carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by repetitive motions, it makes sense that giving your wrists a break from work will help prevent problems. In fact simply taking "mini-breaks" from your usual job or simply stretching your hands and wrists and wiggling your fingers -can relieve pain and protect the wrists from long-term harm.
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Placing foam rubber over the handles of brooms, rakes and other tools-or simply wrapping handles in foam tape to fatten them-makes them easier to hold, decreasing or eliminating pain.
  • Simple household chores such as cutting meat or clipping hedges can cause big-time pain for those with carpal tunnel syndrome. Keeping your tools sharp or well lubricated reduces the amount of pressure needed to use them.
  • Write with a light touch. Using pencils with soft lead or pens with easy-flow ink also helps a lot.
  • Be aware of vitamin deficiencies. It may be partly the result of a borderline B-vitamin deficiency, specifically vitamin B6.
Other Remedies
Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Wrist Circles: With your palms down and your hands out, rotate both wrists five times in each direction.
  • Thumb Stretch: Hold out your right hand, and grasp your right thumb with your left hand. Pull the thumb out and back until you feel a gentle stretch. Hold for five to ten seconds, and release. Repeat three to five times on each thumb.
  • Five-Finger Stretch: Spread the fingers of both hands far apart and hold for five to ten seconds. Repeat three to five times.
  • Finger-Thumb Squeeze: Squeeze a small rubber ball tightly in one hand five to ten times. Afterwards, stretch the fingers and repeat with the other hand.
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