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Tinnitus is a buzzing sound that can be heard in one or both the ears. The sound may either be consistent or come and go at varied intervals. There are basically two types of tinnitus - objective and subjective. In case of objective tinnitus, not only will the affected person hear a buzzing sound, but those around him would also hear the sound coming from his ears. On the other hand, subjective tinnitus patients will experience the buzzing sound all alone. Damage in the ears, age and presence of any waxy particles inside the ear are some of the reasons of tinnitus.

Ginkgo is effective in removing the effects of tinnitus. The extract is available at health food stores. The concentration recommended is 50:1, and the recommended dosage is 40mg per day.
  • Ginkgo Extract
  • Tinnitus patients must avoid foods like saturated fats, dairy products, sugar, salt, processed foods and so on because all these food items tend to aggravate the condition.
  • Avoid coffee, tea, sweet foods, and refined alcohol because all these result in low blood sugar which can lead to tinnitus. Include lots of fresh raw fruits and vegetables in your diet.
  • Eat a protein rich diet. Tinnitus patient's diet must include vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin E, zinc and choline.
  • Keep blood pressure under control.
  • Avoid alcohol and smoking. Exercise daily to improve your blood circulation.
Other Remedies
  • Have lots of fresh pineapple, as it reduces the inflammation in your ear, thereby curing tinnitus.
  • Chewing dry fruits helps enhance the blood circulation, thereby acting beneficially in solving tinnitus.
  • Taking hot and cold foot baths, alternatively proves effective in treating tinnitus.
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