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Epilepsy refers to a condition in which fits or attacks of unconsciousness occur, with or without convulsions. Known as 'falling sickness', it is a serious disorder of the central nervous system. However, seizures or fits triggered by a temporary physical problem, such as exceedingly high fever, or a brain infection, or a near drowsing condition are not related to epilepsy. When fits continue to occur for unknown reasons or because of an underlying problem that cannot be corrected, the condition is termed as epilepsy. The two main types of epilepsy are 'Grand Mal' and 'Petit Mal'.
  • In Grand Mal, there are mood changes, depression, irritability, euphoria and tension.
  • In Petit Mal, there is a temporary loss of consciousness but the patient regains consciousness faster.
  • Sudden jerks in the limbs, choking feeling, sudden loss of consciousness.
  • Frothy saliva in the mouth, headache, fatigue and confusion after gaining consciousness.

Take 5 gms powder of vacha roots and mix in one teaspoon of brahmi juice. Take this combination with honey, thrice daily.
  • Brahmi juice (Baccopa monnieri).
  • Vacha roots (Acorus calamus).
  • Both these herbs can be obtained from an ayurvedic store.
  • Patient should strictly adhere to a routine with fixed timing of meals and rest.
  • Avoid all kinds of excitement.
  • Avoid very hard and irregular surfaces, which may cause injury during a seizure.
  • For those who have frequent and unpredictable fits, stairs can be a major hazard.
  • A bed placed against a wall or with protective cushions around it can help to minimize injury, in case of falling out of the bed during seizure.
Other Remedies
  • Massage sesame oil into the scalp and on the soles of the feet.
  • Take 50 ml fresh amla (Indian gooseberry) juice on an empty stomach daily.
  • Increase the intake of almonds.
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