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Prostate Disorder

A large percentage of men over fifty years of age suffer from prostate troubles of one form or the other. The prostrate gland is a male gland; comparable in shape and size to a large chestnut. It is situated at the base of the urinary bladder and around the commencement of the urethra. There are various types of prostrate disorders, the more important being hypertrophy or enlargement of the prostrate gland, and prostatitis or inflammation in the prostate gland. There are two warning signals to indicate the possibility of prostate disorders. The first is the interference with the passage of urine, and the second is the need to void the urine frequently during nightís sleep. Other symptoms are a dull aching pain in the lower back and pain in the hips, legs and feet.

Prostate Disorder
Watermelon tea is used to flush out the system and help with bladder problems and prostate problems. Enjoy a slice of watermelon and spit the seeds in a cup. When you have 1/8 cup fresh watermelon seeds, fill the cup with boiling water. Let the tea cool, strain, and drink every day for ten days.
Prostate Disorder
  • Watermelon seeds
Prostate Disorder
  • To begin with, the patient should forego all solid foods and subsist on water only for two or three days. The intake of water should be as plentiful as possible. Nothing should be added to the water except a little lemon juice, if desired. The water may be taken cold or hot and it should be taken every hour or so when awake. This will greatly increase the flow of urine.
  • An enema may be taken once a day during fasting to clear the lower bowel of accumulations.
  • After a thorough cleansing of the bowels, hot and cold applications may be used directly on the prostate gland and its surrounding parts. The heat relieves the tissues and a brief cold immersion tones them up. The patient should take alternate hot and cold hipbaths.
  • These are of great value in relieving pain and reducing congestion. The hot bath should be taken for the first10 minutes, followed by a cold bath for one minute daily.
Other Remedies
Prostate Disorder
  • Holy basil is very effective in treating prostrate disorders. In summers, you can mix 1 tsp of holy basil juice with a tsp of yoghurt and consume it once a day. In winters, mix 1 tsp of the juice with a tsp of honey.
  • Include a lot of vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds in your diet. Avoid having starchy, sweet, spicy and seasoned foods. Alcoholic and caffeinated beverages should be completely avoided.
  • Pumpkin seeds act beneficially in treating prostrate disorder. 50 grams of the seeds should be taken every day, either in cooked food or in powdered form.
  • Mix 200 ml of spinach juice and 300 ml of carrot juice. Consume this mixture every morning.
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