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Let food be your medicine! In India, food has been used to cure minor ailments for years. Learn how you can cure aches and
pains, lifestyle conditions, minor skin and hair problems and common ailments at home!
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Body Odor

Body odor is the unpleasant smell which comes from a person's body, beacuse of the bacteria growing on it. The notion amongst people that perspiration or sweating causes body odor is wrong. It may surprise you, but it is not perspiration that leads to body odor, but the bacteria that gets accumulated on the skin. The bacteria release unpleasant smelling chemicals, which, in turn, cause body odor. These bacteria multiply rapidly in the presence of sweat and that is why, people smell more when they perspire.

Body Odor
Take 2 tablespoon of baking powder, 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and apply this mixture on the body parts like neck, underarms. It is very helpful especially in summers to control your body odor.
Body Odor
  • Baking powder
  • Lemon juice
Body Odor
  • There is a direct relation between what a person eats and his body odor. Avoid refined sugar, white flour, hydrogenated oils and other processed foods. Avoid red meat because it releases many toxins into the blood stream. Avoid foods that lack fiber. Avoid alcohol, caffeine, cumin and garlic.
  • Eat a healthy diet which contains whole grains, lots of leafy vegetables, sprouts, fresh fruits, soy products, raw nuts and so on.
  • Never repeat unwashed clothes, especially undergarments during summer, it will aggravate the odor. Wax your armpits regularly.
Other Remedies
Body Odor
  • Prepare a mixture of few drops of glycerin and radish juice. It acts as a good home remedy for controlling body odor. Apply this mixture on feet, underarms, neck etc.
  • In order to prevent excess sweating, you can rub slices of potatoes under your arms. This will keep you cool and control your body odor and perspiration.
  • Prepare a mixture of white vinegar and alcohol. It is a natural and safe remedy for controlling body odor and perspiration.
  • Apply apple cider vinegar on neck, under arms and other body parts to control sweat.
  • Mix rosemary oil or tea tree oil in a small quantity of water and use this mixture on underarms, neck, chest, back, and thighs. This is very useful in getting rid of body odor and perspiration.
  • You can directly apply turnip juice on sweat prone area. It is very effective in controlling body odor and perspiration.
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