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 Home Remedies

Let food be your medicine! In India, food has been used to cure minor ailments for years. Learn how you can cure aches and
pains, lifestyle conditions, minor skin and hair problems and common ailments at home!
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Eczema means 'boiling over' of the skin. It is characterized by eruptions accompanied with itching, redness, flaking and tiny blisters. There are several types of eczema. 'Atopic' eczema occurs in the people with a family history of allergies and asthma; it is marked by an acute flare up of fluid-filled blisters. Another type of eczema is called 'contact dermatitis' and is caused by coming in contact with an irritating substance like a detergent, cosmetic or a chemical.
  • Extremely itchy and erythematic papules or small vesicles.
  • If the vesicles rupture, a raw, moist surface is formed, from which a colorless discharge oozes.
  • This discharge forms crusts on the skin and accumulates, resulting in residual pigmentation.

Simmer the pulp and the skin of mango fruit in a cup of water for half an hour. Let it cool down for further half an hour. Strain and apply as lotion to all affected areas several times a day.
  • Mangoes
  • Avoid using soap on the eczema. Use only a mild soap if necessary. Warm starch bath in winters and plain cold water bath in summers helps a lot.
  • After bath, blot yourself with a smooth towel and avoid rubbing.
  • In case of dryness of skin, an oil or ghee massage for about an hour before bath, helps lubricate and soften the skin.
  • Add olive oil to your bathing water.
  • Avoid getting exposed to extreme climatic conditions.
  • Avoid contact of woolen clothes directly on your skin.
  • Take sufficient care not to sweat excessively.
Other Remedies
  • Apply the juice of wheat grass on the affected areas and drink 50 ml of the juice twice a day.
  • Wash the affected area with a decoction made by boiling leaves of margosa tree (neem).
  • Boil some coconut oil with a few cloves of garlic. Filter it. Apply to the affected skin thrice daily.
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