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Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow is the colloquial name of lateral epicondylitis. The tendons in this part of body muscle get disturbed causing lack of flexibility as well as the problem of movement; sometimes due to abnormal inflammation of tendons this hardship of pain occurs. This problem causes tremendous pain in moving wrist. In some cases, it gets absolutely difficult to carry any weight by the affected hand.

Tennis elbow
Avocado oil is considered to ease inflammation caused due to tennis elbow. You can regularly massage avocado oil topically on the affected area of your skin.
Tennis elbow
  • Avocado oil
Tennis elbow
  • Those affected should be advised that the condition is usually self-limiting and that he should, so far as possible, avoid powerful contraction of the involved muscles without keeping the elbow joint still; movement in the absence of powerful muscular activity is the objective.
  • Try to know what has been the reason for the complaint to arise. If you know what caused tendonitis, refrain from that particular activity for some time till the pain and tenderness has reduced.
  • Rest alone is not the answer, because it allows the muscles and tendons to atrophy. Hence, appropriate stretching and strengthening exercises, which are specific to those joints, are advisable. This has to be done under the direction of the physio-therapist.
Other Remedies
Tennis elbow
  • Ice Packs: Ice packs applied over the elbow joint for 15-20 minutes every 2-3 hours can reduce pain and swelling around the elbow joint area.
  • Zostrix: It is a derivative of hot pepper. It can be wrapped around the elbow joint to reduce sensation of pain.
  • Heat Packs: Alternating ice packs with heat packs can comfort the elbow joint.
  • Potato Pack: Warm and baked potatoes can help reduce the pain.
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